Best carb source to go along with Precision Hydration

Super quick question. I recently switched to Precision Hydration so now I need to get my carbs from another source. I was previously using Infinit which had carbs and electrolytes but after having a sweat rate test and seeing that I lose 1600mg/liter I needed to up my electrolyte intake majorly. Can anyone suggest a carb source? Gels, bloks? Gu, honey? Thank you!

I also use Inifinit. Were you using a custom formula, or one of the present formulas? If one of the present ones, you could customize it by setting all of the sliders the same, but increasing the electrolytes. You can also talk to them for a free consult and they can help dial in your electrolytes to 1600mg/liter equivalent.

Infinit only goes up to 671mg with the electrolyte slider all the way up. Once you start adding carbs it becomes hypertonic.