Best AaCC Podcast episodes

I’ve only been listening to the podcast since the summer and am addicted. All other podcasts are quickly paling in significance… In particular I thought this week’s episode was fantastic.

As I dig into the podcast archives, what’s your favourite episode that you think everyone should listen to?

Specialized Aero one is great.

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As many as you can. :yum:

(I found only very few podcasts not worth to listen/watch.)

I often find the best ones are in the lead up to an event.

I’m really looking forward to the 24Hrs in the Old Pueblo ones which will inevitably be gold.

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Some of the ones with team Clif bar talking about crit tactics. I think probably the very first one they were on as a team. Can’t remember the number but it’s a good while back.

And following those events.too. The takeaways and discussion are often useful and always entertaining. :stuck_out_tongue: