Other Podcast Recommendations

I am looking for what other Trainerroad podcasts listeners like. I have listened to all the Trainerroad podcasts and are looking for other Podcasts to help and increase my knowledge.

Please send your suggestions!

I will give the Rapha one another chance

should have explained… that is a whole thread of podcast info. click on the “podcast recommendations”.

Thanks for the clarification

AACC is the only podcast I listen to on the regular. I find it honest, real, friendly, well researched etc. So when I came across a new podcast (Marginal Gains by Silca/Rocket) I was more open to listening. What grabbed my attention wasn’t the fancy intro music or professional radio personality…it was Josh Poertner a.) dropping mad science and b.) his genuine geek enthusiasm.

Thanks to the TR team for the effort you put in and for keeping it real.

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