A rewind back to TR’s first podcasts

Has anybody ever just dive way back to the first handful of podcasts? Each hosts comfort has gone up so much. I’m imagining Chad with his “this is DEFINITELY coffee” mug.

I started listening around episode 260 and have been going backwards on my drives to work. Episode 1 is definitely kind of hard to listen to (in terms of audio quality). Episode 9, chads explanation of “how to climb faster” didn’t get good until the end, kind of brushed over the “why” to his answer. I mostly say that to the point out how much better the whole team has gotten on focusing their conversations, some 360 episodes later :smiley:


I started on them during or just before the first lockdown (I broke my collarbone eight weeks before the lockdown started so had time on my hands) but only via YouTube so the earliest episode is somewhere around the 100 mark. Not sure what platform(s) the audio only ones are available on.

I’ve been listening on Spotify.

Pretty much any audio platform. Here’s some of the main ones, but there are more:

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I started listening to the podcast a couple years ago, picking my way through topics that sounded interesting. The joke’s on me, as I’ve learned - even topics that don’t seem interesting or relevant often have something useful, and they’re at least a good listen! Anyway, once I got kinda caught up, I went back and started at Episode 1. It’s definitely different to hear how nervous (maybe not the best description) they were for the first few. I wonder if it was @Nate_Pearson’s original intention to get involved, or if he thought @Jonathan and @chad were having so much fun that he decided to jump in. It’s been neat to hear some of the current features foreshadowed back then, as well as their various endeavors - Nate mountain biking, 40k TT, dropper posts on gravel bikes, some things they predicted, some things they said would never happen, and many more… also, the rise of some young mountain biker named Keegan Swenson! :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:

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Yup, been through the entire catalog at least 3 times, maybe 4. Used it as commuting entertainment for years. As with anything, people start a new skill or task and are anything but great at it. With repetition, practice and targeted refinement, they got much better to the point they are now. And as shown by the response to and requests for feedback, TR continues to refine and improve over time. They show true interest in continuous improvement to meeting listener needs and preferences.


Is it time for the TR team to have a, “Remember When”, or a “Best Moments / Flash Back” Episode or, dare I say, a Musical themed Podcast? I could see them braking into into a “Boeheim Rhapsody Themed Tune” during a deep dive :grinning:

I’ve been looking for the legendary Chad to nate: “you will never beat me” episode referenced so many times lol


I liked when they did New Year’s resolutions and then ribbed each other over how well they stuck to the goals a year later. That was fun. And so relatable!