Belgian Waffle Ride, Climbing Road Race or Gran Fondo Speciality plan?

First post, just finishing up Base phase and looking forward to BWR Asheville!

I’ve looked at every thread and still can’t be 100% sure what speciality phase to pick. I want to actually race this. Currently I’m hovering over the Gran Fondo one, which I think is the safe bet. Anyone have any guidance?

If you plan to ride at a steady state as much as you can, and you intend to stick to your personal pacing strategy rather than the pace of the group, then Gran-Fondo will be a better choice.

If you expect to be dealing with surges and group attacks like a normal road race, then Climbing Road Race will likely be the best option for you.

Cheers, and good luck!

Thanks Bryce, I’m totally expecting a mix bag on this! It’s totally 50% road race in the first half, then the second half most certainly would be the Gran-Fondo one as the numbers die down and you’re likely just riding to survive.

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