Gran Fondo on Aug 5th - Skip Build phase and do Specialty (Gran Fondo or Rolling Road Race)

Hi All,
I am preparing for a 100-mile Gran Fondo at the beginning of Aug. There are several sharp hills. There is 3100 feet of total climbing consisting of rolling little hills. am about 25% through the build plan. I peeked forward, and it looked like the Gran Fondo plan or the Rolling Road Race Plan would be a better fit for me to do well at the Gran Fondo. The 100-mile Gran Fondo is not a race, but I want to do my best and get a lot of PBs.
Any thoughts about skipping the rest of the build plan and going straight to one of the aforementioned Specialty plans? Yes, I know that the build plan would be a stepping stone to the specialty plan. I am asking because there are not enough weeks for me to complete the Gran Fondo/Rolling Road Race once I complete the Build phase.
Thanks in Advance.

Don’t. Specialty is just fine tuning and your gains will come from Build.


In your shoes, I’d carry on with build but make sure to add in increasingly long outdoor rides.

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I’ve done some races during build, actually did pretty well. Going into the week of the race I cut my week down to 1 interval session on Tuesday, 2 or 3 days of easy endurance and sometimes openers the day before.
I wouldn’t skip build some good gains would be left on the table.

Would Second this one :pray: expecting you’ve completed a circle of base before

Big bear?

Thanks for your feedback all. I will carry on with Build.

No. Pelotonia (In Columbus, Ohio). It is a Cancer Charity Ride.


Yeah, completed base.

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