Decide on the correct Training Plan

I’m currently doing base2 (general base) LV plan of the Climbing Road race plan but I am doubting whether I chose the correct plan. Here is the course profile.

Should I change to Road Race? or just continue with the climbing build and change the specialty to road race? or something else.

P.S. on other threads i mentioned it’s 170-180km but looks like its now reduce to 145km :slight_smile:

What’s your limiter? Punchy climbs in particular or FTP in general?

If the former, do RRR. If the latter, do CRR.

I struggle on long climbs where i need to pace myself.

Then - assuming there are such climbs in your event - it make sense to train them.

I’m not currently a TR user, but in such circumstances it used to be that General Base then Sustained Power Build then Climbing Road Race Specialty was the way to go.

If you just need more FTP, same story.



Looks like the course rarely goes over 50m elevation so those climbs can’t be that long :wink:

If it was me I’d be going Gran Fondo to give me as much engine as poss unless I knew I was going to be at the pointy end of the race (Like that’ll ever happen at 50+) in which case Rolling Road might give you a bit extra pop when you need it…


Grand Fondo was an excellent training experience for me last year leading into BWR San Diego 70 miler event. I don’t know what you event is - but I’m thinking unless it’s an actual road race or road race like with the drafting and those types of tactics then I’d pass on that plan. Building sustainable power will help with keeping up with faster groups, once you are able to hang with a faster group, then repeatable efforts can be very valuable.

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Thanks for your inputs. I think I will go ahead with climbing road race build/specialty just to build on my threshold. lets see how it goes. I’m really lost on this one, first time doing a ride > 100km and it’s a road race.

that course profile looks pan flat right? is that scale really 50meters?

isnt this exactly what gran fondo training plans are for?

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It does look pretty flat but if you are enjoying your current plan and its one your consistent with I wouldn’t worry about changing it.

Current plan is OK. im still doing base 2. so there is still time to decide on build and specialty.

For this type of course which plan will make is more suited?

It probably won’t matter but, if the event is a race change the speciality to a race, if its more of a distance/ride that you want to complete (a challenge) change it in the speciality to Gran Fondo.

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yes. its a race. hoping to get a good result.

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Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

I’m with everyone above - Gran Fondo for this profile.

Another focus should be your race day fueling - aside from your training, getting the proper amounts in during the event is what will allow you to go deep in the later stages of the race.

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