Climbing RR or GF plan ? 🤯

Hi all,

I thought I had this figured out with a GF plan but now I’m second guessing myself and considering Climbing RR plan.

The event is a very competitive GF, with 7200 feet climbing split over three tough climbs, the rest of the route is lumpy and can be exposed to the conditions.

I’ve completed it twice now at 5 hours 8 mins (pretty much to the minute). Usual story… this year prepared but went off hard, split from the group and ended up solo and losing time and empty :joy:

So aside from the strategy, Any suggestions for a plan would be appreciated as this is my A race event this year and want to improve my result and choosing between the plans (any of which I am sure will do the job) is tilting me

Thanks !

I had great success with a similar sounding race this last summer using climbing Road Race specialty. I live in Florida so the only thing I wish I did was more low cadence work on the sweet spot intervals and extending my time in the sweet spot zone.
I think the Gran Fondo plan is the century specialty which I heard is even better for long events like you’re talking about.
I’m actually going with the century plan this year for the Belgian wafer ride in Asheville. I’m going to work on some low cadence work because Im a flatlander.
I’m also interested to see what others advice is for you But I’m pretty confident with what route I am going.

Hello everyone. I come from a running background(6ft, 70kg, 22y/o, 21:45 5k runner). I have occasionally biked and sometimes really long rides of 50-100km. But I want to get more serious and track my progress while committing to structured training. I own a Garmin watch, polar chest strap heart rate monitor and aluminium road bike. By using this gear , how do you suggest my bike week(can commit to 3/4 times a week)should look like. With running ,you have easy, tempo interval sessions and long run. And with running you maintain an average speed mostly unless it is an interval session but I have noticed bikers do a lot of bursts than averag omegle