Belgian Waffle Ride Asheville

Has anyone signed up?

What is a good tire for this course?

Thinking about signing up

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Thanks I did search and couldnt find that thread

I dont think they are going to revoke your forum membership. Welcome to the discussion!

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Signed up.

Using 'cross bike with Vittoria Tirreno Dry 36s.

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Dates have changed. Asheville has moved to 8/21.

I see they have updated that and added a 4th event

New event is in Lawrence KS…clearly they are looking to muscle in on Unbound. Smart move since the name has yet to sink in for most riders, IMO, and there are a lot more housing opportunities in Lawrence than Emporia.

That Kansas race sounds fun but 12 hour drive for me :frowning:

“only” about 8.5 hrs for me…but I’d be up for it. My buddy wife’s parents live there, so we’d have a place to stay for free… :thinking:

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