Belgian Waffle Asheville 2020

Yeah, they’d need complicated permitting to run the forest service roads to the parkway. Monster Cross used to do this but the park service made it too difficult to manage a 200+ person race. Belgian Waffle needs more riders to make it worth while (I bet) and local counties are more friendly to race promoters willing to pay off duty police.

I’m guessing they’re not going to announce an official route until the event is a go.

Have you seen the Dirt Diggler and Monster Cross events? Dirt uses some of the same roads near DuPont, beautiful and tough terrain.

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I’ve done all the Dupont gravel and the Monster Cross gravel. MC, wow, now that was some tough gravel. Super remote and I appreciated every bit of tire I had! ran some races through the area this year and is planning some next year. I’m definitely interested in them!

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Great help here!! I’m currently hitting some ‘gravel’ around here but I would put it much more on the packed dirt side of things–very road bike ridable and it sounds like with good tire choice this is also

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I did HR Avl and have also ridden a good amount of gravel around Brevard. I’d say the HR gravel is about as pristine as you get and to expect a little rougher gravel than what HR had. Also HR ‘s gravel was uphill, BWR will surely include downhill sections.

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Is this course 1x safe?

I want to do it, but balking at the $225 cost and I will have to travel 7 hours and hotel cost. Makes for an expensive race.

I did most of these climbs recently on a 1x 40t chainring with a 34-11 cassette. There are some steep spots, but nothing that extends beyond a few hundred yards. Now on a 144 mile day that may be a different story for both you and me.

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Its going to be an epic day. Its expensive, but its one of the big events, so im thinking it will be worth it. Assuming covid will be somewhat contained, i think the before and after expo will be cool. The Sierra Nevada brewery itself is worth a trip to see on its own. It is pretty amazing, my jaw dropped the first time i drove up to it.

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Along the lines of cost and travel–what are thoughts on how long you need to be there? I was thinking make a Fri-Sun weekend out of it, but of course the idea of riding and then driving might make Sat-Mon more appealing…

I guess it depends on how far you have to travel. I think it starts at 7 am on sunday, so add in your ride time and chill time after the event and that takes you pretty far into Sunday afternoon. I live 2 hours away, so no issue for me to head home Sunday, but if i live like 5+ hours away, well that may be a different story.

Yeah I’m just under 7hr drive away sooooo… I’d say different story! I guess the better question then is–any reason to get there Friday?

Get drunk at the brewery?

Ok, wife gave me approval. Time to sign up

Did some driving recon today in the suspected course. Found a nasty little 1 mile climb. Steep and loose gravel. You will also return via this road as well. Also found a little .5 mile kicker on some gnarly gravel as well. Ive lived in this county for 10 years and had never run across those little gems :slight_smile:.

I’ve got my weekends booked for the next few weeks but Ill give 'em a try on 35’s with 40x34 gears and report back… if I survive.

PS-If Im spoiling anything for anyone by posting about the route, let me know. I didnt think there were any “rules” about gravel (alla Velomanati), but I know us folks on drop bar bikes can get touchy about things.


Honestly, I wonder why the route isn’t posted on their site. I’m in Knoxville now and this would be a great ride to train for. But without knowing the exact route and how gnarly it is, I can’t even begin to think whether I’d want to do it or not.

I can’t imagine why the route would remain a secret!

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Keep us up to date. I like to make sure I bring the right gear and gears for 140mile adventures.

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I just discovered this… Looks like the date has been pushed to August and the location changed to Kanuga Ride park from Sierra Nevada. SN has huge capacity for hosting large events. I havent been to the new Ride Kanuga but Im sure it will be great. Most of the riding for the route was more in that area anyway.

Surprised I didn’t get email about this. I guess I can just transfer my current reg? Their communication not super on top of it.

The actual event page still shows May date. So confusing.

I’m cool with August. Everybody who wants a vaccination should have one by then. My topsy, turvy personal life should have settled down by them as well. :slight_smile:


Yay, now my 2 “A” events are on the same day…at least i have better odds of one of them happening now, i guess.

Fake news?