BWR Canada anyone?

Anyone else registering?

Is this an A event for you?

What’s your training plan?

I’m registering for the Waffle. It’s my A event for the spring. Hoping to get away with a low volume plan with added long rides, XCO races, Zwift races, and hopefully a week long ‘training camp’/vacation in AZ in March.

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I wish i had the means to make it to BC. Economy sucks!!!

Thankfully the event is only about a 45 min drive for me.

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I’ll be there. It’s still pretty close to ski season for me (we ski every weekend from opening to close) so tough to get in enough volume before hand to do it properly. I’m considering it a C event and using it to help get some saddle time to build for some events later in the summer. I also live about 30 minutes away so be silly to miss it. Dec - early April will be low volume and early April will start tacking on longer weekend rides. I’m excited just to be a part of the scene, hoping some big names make it out.


I’m in the same boat with skiing, except it’s usually only one day on the weekend. Definitely cuts into bike time, but I’m not about to give it up.

It’s also not like I’m going to set any records in a 200km race.

Interesting - this is a lot more appealing than travelling to California!
I’m also in the same boat with snowboard season but this could be a good starter for an early June road race I’m interested in (Jasper Gran Fondo).

Thinking about doing it as a C event, mostly as something to keep my training motivated through the winter.

Planning on doing LV supplemented with some longer outside rides as I can, but I’m a little worried about how much outdoor riding time I’ll realistically get before May when it rains so much here and I can only ride outdoors on weekends during the winter (lower mainland). I might sign up for the wafer instead.

I know they haven’t posted any route info yet, but is anyone familiar at all with the lake cowichan area? I know theres a bunch of gravel going around the lake (which I guess would be part of the route), but I don’t know how punchy the climbs are. Wondering what gearing I’d need to not blow up on the climbs for such a long race.

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Climbs can be pretty punchy. There’s endless route options in that area. Word on the street is that they are going to try to link some of the major MTB networks. When I was registering, I think I saw the Wafer description claiming some 25% grades.


Yeah if they include some of the mtb in the area it will be steep and technical. I would look at some of the routes the cowichan crusher and burnt bridge classic covers, both are in the same area. (Burnt bridge hits up to 27%)


Officially registered :wink:

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Some race reports from this weekend’s BWR in Michigan. Not such a great experience.

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Good to know. I guess I’m not overly expectant as a racer, but that seems pretty standard for this type of event, especially for ones not put on by big race promoters. I’ll be doing the Waffle anyways, so I’m not going to be in a giant hurry where split second direction decisions are going to have a huge impact. I’ll probably actually welcome a short break now and then to contemplate the route.

I’ll just make sure that I take $200 worth of gels from the aid stations to get my moneys worth in case the event is a bust :laughing:

That said, I know the local promoters fairly well. They are very experienced in putting on large events and I’m sure it will go off without a hitch.


I’m in! I’m mostly a mtn biker these days and will be riding my HT MTB. No expectations and really just going for the waffles and to participate in a challenging event. Treating this as a good training ride for the Merritt Crown in June. Looking forward to a fun day in the saddle.


I’m in. Really just doing it to do it with a friend. I’m probably riding my Rocky Element with some 38c pathfinders and a 36t ring. I have an endurace but the 32c clearance and 27% grades sound like mtb might be a better decision

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I’ve been doing a lot of “unroad” ride’s lately and I’m not sure they’ve taken into account the “BC effect”. Based on a century ride pace that I think I could hold for the full Waffle distance, my math puts me on course for over 12h. I’d like to think I’m reasonably fit.

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Nice tire choice and the big front ring should be good too. I bought a set of Vittoria Terreno (dry) tires which I’m hoping will be fast and help make up for the heaviness of my 160mm front fork!

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My estimations also put me out there for over 12hrs on the hardtail if i end up riding solo most of the day. Hopefully will be able to cut this down by drafting, if possible.

Nice choice on the tires! When I thought I could get some wider tires on my road bike those were my choice. What are you riding that’s 160 mm fork- a chromag?

What do you mean by the BC effect? The vert, the challenge of sungletrack?

Ha you guessed right! Lots of tire clearance on this bike, lol. It’s not the ideal rig for BWR but im going with no expectations other than to have fun and enjoy a full day of suffering on the bike :).

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