Belgian Waffle Ride - Cedar City, Utah 2020

Just starting a thread for chatter about BWR in October.

What bike are you riding? What’s your training like?

Locals, help us out!

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I actually lived in Cedar City for a while a few years ago, but it was before I got into biking so I haven’t ridden any of the roads down there. I am riding the Ride The Gap Century in Parwon in June so that will give me a good opportunity to scout the course out a little.

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Nice—let us know what you find out! Looks like a nice town.

If anyone has any ideas on a possible route for this or even portions/stretches of it, that’d be awesome to hear! I’ve randomly looked around on Google Street View in areas that are mentioned in the overall ride description on the website and I think this ride is going to be primo!

Seems to be some pretty great looking gravel in the Parowan, Red Hills, and Little Salt Lake areas…

I would make hotel arrangements sooner than latter. There isn’t that many hotels down in Cedar City and when I lived down there a few years ago it was a regular occurrence for them to fill up and people would have to stay down in St. George.

I don’t see a route for this posted on there website, any ideas?


Is this the actual route?! I see that link is a copy of a route made by Todd Hageman who, based on Strava, has been doing a decent amount of groading around Cedar City recently. He’s also been posting quite a few pictures along with his ride uploads:

That route also starts and ends at Policy Kings Brewery, so I’m thinking this probably is the route, or at least pretty close to what it’ll be! Awesome!!

I found that route on the Utah Cycling Facebook Group. The distance, elevation, starting and ending point all match what’s on the BWR website, so I am thinking it is it. I checked out his Strava. The pictures he posts here helpful. I am trying to get an idea of the type of gravel because I’m doing the ride on my road bike.

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The Salty Lizard 100 in Wendover was just rescheduled for October 3rd. It might be a good final tune up gravel event before BWR.

Thinking of doing this. I have Gravel King slicks 38c’s on now. Anyone know the terrain? 38’s are wicked wide and wondering if something closer to a 32 would be enough width?

I’m down in Cedar City this weekend for a century ride and took the opportunity to do some BWR recon. I only had a chance to scout some of the gravel sections but they looked to be mostly compact dirt roads.


What bike/tires were you riding and how did it go?

The only riding I was actually able to do was all on paved road for the century I went down for. The dirt roads I was able to scout from a car looked to be similar to the stuff I have been riding around Farmington Bay. I am running a road bike with 28mm tubeless tires.

Does anyone have an average speed they are targeting for this? As I am training I’m trying to get an idea on how many hours I am going to be on the bike that day.

I’m registered too. It’s my understanding that the Cedar City BWR is more of a gravel event, right? I’ve done the San Diego version on my road bike twice (with 28s) but was assuming I’d use my Trek Checkpoint w/ 35’s for Cedar City. Course intel and pics would be great!

BWR Site shows 78% or roughly 106 Miles of Gravel, 22% Paved (30 Miles).

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A solo road century for me is 18 mph. So with that much gravel, I dunno…10 hours seems like a good round number? 14 mph?

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Hmmm, Asheville is postponed, and in the press release they mention some updates to the Utah situation:

In lieu of all the event cancellations and our own postponements, we would like to share with you the BWR in Cedar City is virtually certain to happen based on our discussions with the City this weekend. The courses we have laid out for the event are spectacular, with varied terrain that matches the dynamics at play in BWRSD… there is nearly 9,000 feet of climbing, with a slight majority of the roughly 125-mile route being in gravel, single track, rock and sand. There are long climbs with beautiful vistas, short, punchy hills, technical sectors, petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, Little Salt Lake and groads that are simply world class. BWRCC is October 17 and riders can easily transfer into that event if not deferring to the new Asheville May 16, 2021 date. Or, we can refund your entry.

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