2021 Belgium Waffle Ride - Lawrence, Kansas

Unfortunately, after training for Unbound all year, I wasn’t able to race las weekend due to a death in the family.

Now I am looking forward to the next opportunity and was wondering if there is anybody here who has signed up to the Belgium Waffle Ride in Kansas. This is the first year they are doing it here, but I am interested on any experiences with BWR and how it compares to other major races out there.

Distances are a bit shorter than Unbound but looks like significantly more climbing.

  • Waffle 111 miles 8000ft of Elevation gain

  • Wafer 71 Miles 3100ft of elevation gain

  • Wanna 35 Miles 1200ft elevation gain


Interesting. I think you’re ahead of the curve. I bet there will be plenty of interest in this event when it starts getting media attention.


I’m about to sign up. It is a fundraiser for the Tilford Foundation so great cause in honor of an awesome racer and more importantly, awesome person.

Never done a BWR so seeking a bit of advice for this one. Will a TREK Checkpoint be sufficient for the Wafer or Wanna?

I appreciate the feedback. Super stoked for the ride and the expo. There are worse ways to spend Halloween Weekend.

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What specifically are you concerned about? I think as long as you have clearance for 35C tires (at the absolute smallest) you should be fine.

I have not participated in a BWR event either, but I am a local to the area and we have varying types of gravel around here, but it can get pretty chunky so bigger tires will make for a more comfortable day/less stopping.

EC… Thanks for the response… This is exactly the guidance I was looking for…

My Checkpoint has 32c Tires with Clearance for 38c…

Thanks again…

You should be good with that setup! I had a bike that could only fit 35s for a couple of years around here and found those comfortable. I have since upgraded gravel rigs and am now running 45s and find the larger tire much more comfortable/manageable on this Midwest gravel.

If you can get yourself a set of 38s and get acclimated to them before Halloween, I think you will have a better day out there. Ymmv of course. I have a friend who rides gravel on 32s and says he does fine, but I say he’s crazy. :rofl:

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