Beginning with popular construct, low volume...did i make a mistake?

i started the first workout these days which became a v02 workout and that i needed to lower the depth by way of 10%, i’m wondering if i must have started out with sweet spot first. i cycle a median of 5 hours right now and don’t have a whole lot of enjoy with threshold workouts or vo2 exercises. i do a few races a month on zwift however the whole thing is is mainly a few staying power rides.

i just felt toasted today, i’ve completed ftp checks before and realize my instructor is calibrated efficaciously and that i use the equal gears and tire stress on every occasion.

wouldn’t it be exceptional initially sweet spot first earlier than leaping proper right into a construct program?

You should follow the normal training plan structure and start with base. Check out plan builder and start there.

(did you mean base?)

I did indeed! Need more coffee…


I think this is a spam bot. Look at that last sentence:

Plus after peaking at the user profile joined today and only created this one post (no viewing of other threads).

Could be, or a funny google translate.

Definitely something just lost in translation. Like calling a “trainer” an “instructor”

Maybe. That part didn’t catch my eye. It’s the use of “construct” for “training” that did. That and the fact that it’s been now 9 hours since the first reply to the original post and no response or even views on this thread from the OP. The user profile doesn’t even show a login activity since initially generating this post topic. Seems most of us these days has more available time to respond to online than one typically would.