Seems like too many threshold workouts per week


I just finished base 1 phase (mid volume) and went up in ftp about 30watts. Now with base 2 i have to deal with 3 threshold workouts a week and im just not recovering as much between these. I feel like its a lot of threshold per week plus my new ftp im acclimating too. Also has a ss and an endurance ride. Doing 5hrs a week 5x a week or so. My polarized friends laugh at me when i say im doing that much threshold haha! Any insight? Maybe im wrong? Thanks!

Can you be more specific about what training plan you’re following? I’m unaware of any that would have that much threshold.

There’s nothing I’m familiar with that is ‘Build 2’?

Edit: Nevermind, I see you edited your post to say Base 2. Presuming Sweet Spot Base? Just took a quick look at the base plans (low, mid, and high volume) and don’t see that much threshold in any of them

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Base 2 has 1 short shorts style Vo2max workout, 1 threshold and one threshold over under. Not including weekend sweet spot day.
Based on that, you don’t have to do the Sunday sweet spot workout, instead do a long to you endurance ride or whatever you can recover from. If you do group rides, skip one of the threshold workouts!
The other option you could try low volume plans with extra endurance rides chosen through train now on the non intensity days.
You’re low volume riding 5 hours per week, so to make up for time in the saddle, intensity is the main driver of adaptation. Try one of the options I listed above and see how you feel. Unless you feel fine but feel bullied by your friends :joy: keep going.

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5 days a week is not low volume. Are you doing a mid volume plan and then just decreasing the duration of each workout?

Doing mid volume base 2 with rolling road race discipline. I change the 2 weekend workouts to 1hr rides instead of 1.5hr rides. Hope that makes sense.

Guess there is no replacement for endless endurance rides :rofl:

So if you’re substituting a 2 hour workout with a 1 hour workout but using the same AT numbers, it’s likely that your IF will be higher for the shorter workouts - and as COACH CHAD used to say, “Not all TSS is the same.”

I wonder if this might be the problem…

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That makes sense.

Don’t do them. Make one of those threshold workouts an endurance ride. You are in control of your training so proceed in a fashion that allows you to consistently train.

It’s way more important to consistently do good work over the course of the next year. A year from now you won’t be able to tell the difference between doing one of those workouts at threshold and doing one of those workouts at endurance.

But, FOR SURE, if you push to hard and have to take two weeks of the bike, a year from now you’ll be able to tell the difference.


I’m a bit confused what plan you are on. Are you following a TR LV volume plan (3xTR work outs) and adding 2 non TR workouts (a total of 5x a week). The last MV plan I did IIRC had 2 x threshold/ VO2 max workouts sandwiching 1 endurance work out and 2 sweet spot workouts at the weekend (also 5 total but all TR road). The LV plan only IME throws up 3 x TR threshold workouts a week. I do a lot of outside riding/ racing and towards the end of last season I found it was negatively affecting my times. It had been great at the start of the season and I was pb’ing and comfortably/ strongly performing in fast group rides. But as the season went on with more group rides and post a few 25-50 miles TTs (with the wind the wrong way lol) I found it took a toll. So I took the decision to swap the middle threshold/VO2max workout on my LV plan for an Endurance one or the midweek paceline. So far, touchwood, it seems to be working for me; for last weekend’s 30mile TT I managed a 2.5 min PB compared to 7 months ago, despite a lot of things going wrong aero wise.

Yo! Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

Nice work finishing up Base I with that solid bump in FTP!!

I took a peak at your TR Calendar to get an idea of what your training is looking like. It seems like you’re adding in some outdoor riding, which is awesome!

One thing to keep in mind with those rides is how hard you go during them, though. It looks like there are some periods of time in most of those rides where you’re at or over FTP, which is likely hampering your recovery between interval workouts.

We’d recommend keeping those extra outdoor rides at low intensity so you can recover properly between your harder sessions. If you do end up going hard during those unstructured rides, you could substitute out one of your workouts for the week instead so you don’t end up with too much intensity.

Check out this TR Blog post for more tips on adding volume to your plan:

I only saw one week on your TR Calendar that had 3 Threshold workouts. Our plans don’t have 3 Threshold workouts by default, so I’d like to ask if you moved a workout around at some point?

I also noticed there are a couple of spots on your TR Calendar where tough workouts end up back-to-back. When that happens, if it’s possible, it would be worth shuffling your workouts around so you get an easier/recovery day between hard sessions.

Otherwise, the weeks for your current training phase should look something like VO2/Endurance/Threshold for the weekdays, then Threshold/Sweet Spot for the weekends.

The Sweet Spot ride is less intense than your Threshold workouts, and it’s also meant to be Achievable so as to maintain the aerobic abilities you built up during Sweet Spot Base I without too much extra training stress. We often advise athletes to swap out that Sweet Spot session for a longer Endurance ride if they’d like to and have the time to do so.

Hopefully this information helps clear things up! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for looking over my plan and progress. Yes im doing more difficult rides outside and complimenting with trainerroad. I have about 5hrs a week to train so 3 threshold workouts seemed like a lot. I dont remember subbing in a threshold workout but maybe I did. The area I live in is very hilly, so it’s tough to do structured workouts. A typical ride is 100 feet of climbing per mile around my area. So for all the uphills, there are a lot of downhills i’m not going to be able to do intervals on. I would rather do the rides outside this time of year, if possible.