Beers with Chad - is it on today

is it happening today

I think they put it on hold for Chad’s liver’s sake.

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It is on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

I’m sure they will make it known when it returns.

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I can host “wine with random TR user” if anyone wants to be amused lol


Lol, I like it. We could call it ‘Beers With A Guy Not Named Chad.’

And then find another guy named Chad to really pull a mind$&%#

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It’s a long story but my wife calls me Chad even though my name is the furthest thing from chad. So I guess in some sense I could host beers with chad. Or @mcneese.chad could fill in and be the chad lol


Or, we could make it a political show, and call it ‘Beers With Hanging Chad.’


the one friday i can tune in live and no more fun?

Did the fun police have a crack down?

Yeah, the doctors.