Silly thread: how low (room temp) can you go?

Just thought, for fun, let’s post the lowest temps we’ve seen for our training. I work out in my (finished) basement, so with the window closed it’s pretty much in the 60’s, but I open the tiny window and, depending on how it is outside, I can get it to the 40’s. I think the lowest I’ve actually seen while training was 45 a few days ago. Today I think it was 48. I’m sure some folks in garages and less insulated spaces can probably beat this pretty easily. Even in the 40’s, though, I have no shirt and 2 fans on me when doing sweet spot. Alright, let’s see how low you can go!

I train in our “office” which has two large windows, is in the corner of the house and has little insulation. It’s in the 50s some mornings when I train at 6:30am, so the little remote control dealy for the fan comes in handy. :smile: I go shirtless for most workouts, but Pettit this morning I had the shirt on and fan blowing because it was damn cold.

My garage is usually sub 10C during winter season. But my buddy in Toronto just did a -22C ride…just to see what it felt like!!


Last winter our insulated garage got down to 30 F. Arm and leg warmers to start. By end those and shirt are off fan is on.

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Today in my mancave 3degrees celcius. Legwarmers on and started with a sweather…did Mills

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My brick outhouse is often around 0 degrees C to 5 degrees C at this time of year. Forecast is outside temps of minus 8 or so tomorrow (Scotland) so it may a wee bit colder in the man cave!

The amazing thing is I still have an 18 inch fan blowing within a foot of my face before the first interval and I end up with a base layer and shorts only and I’m still sweating like a fat lass in a disco! It’s only my feet that get cold so I wear wooly socks and full winter MTB boots!


3 degrees C / 37 degrees F in my garage today… The Wahoo Headwind fan is a godsend for this stuff, stops me from suffering from hypothermia in rest intervals!

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My garage is between 5 and 10 Celsius and my workouts look like they raise ambient temperatures by about 3 degrees.

Coldest has been -4°C in my garage during an actual TR session.

It’s not pleasant, and im not proud. I’m going to get heating at some point in there.

20F in my uninsulated garage.

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I usually get downstairs and it’s around 65F but I turn it up immediately to 68. I like the idea of training warm so outdoor rides and races will hopefully feel relatively easy.
I guess it’s a mild heat adaptation strategy… If I was training just to see what the best results I could get in my basement was, I might keep it cooler, but I’m training to make the outdoors more enjoyable :wink:

Just above freezing. Not the best idea so I moved to another room where it is about 15 C°.

I have just got a Headwind and while it is a very good fan I am struggling to control it from my Kickr. I have a Android phone (Samsung S8 ) and I can see fan I cannot do anything else. When I select the sensor on the phone it only shows me the firmware version of the headwind and nothing else.

I just want to pair it with my Kickr so it adjusts automagically.

Any ideas?

My paincave is around 9c in winter, and it rises to 11-12c once i’m pumping out heat.

I wouldn’t want it any colder, it would hurt my lungs when breathing in!

Wooden shed with the door open so a few degrees warmer than outside so at present around 0 if I leave a drink on the bike it’s turned into a slushie for next session. Sometimes I end up with a fan heater blowing at feet during the warm up before putting the big cooling fan on. Favourite part of training this time of year is walking back to the house in just shorts with steam pouring off me.

I do wonder about the health risks of being so hot and wearing very little in a fan despite the fact the ambient temperature is slow low.

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Last night was so cold in my garage, steam was rising from me hitting the roof, condensing and then raining on me! -6C
Found it tough, no fan and I couldn’t stop sweating, fan on and the air temp was so cold it was horrendous.

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It was -3 outside the other evening so 26ish for you guys over the pond. Workout in a single skinned garage with a felt roof so was within a degree or two of that inside. Have door open to let some air circulate and for the exhaust of my air-con unit, but this time didn’t need to turn it on.

I took a protein bar out and after the 90 min workout it was frozen, likewise the carbon soles of my shoes were ice cold to touch.

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I wish! Sydney temperatures haven’t been below 20C since Christmas and are up around 25+ at training time. Without AC I’ve been doing park laps as even the strongest fan can’t overcome it.

It’s cold down in our basement now. There is no heat. I want to put insulation down on the floor. It’s not freezing, but it’s below where I feel comfortable riding in shorts if I turn on the fan. I have been riding with a long sleeve shirt since sometime in the fall. At least the floor under the porch is a good temperature to store beer.

Totally different meaning of the term “Outhouse” than I am used to here in the USA. Outhouses I have used are normally wood with gaps. If I am lucky, they have a regular seat over the hole to use. Definitely NOT something that you would want to train in – if the bike would fit! Though quite the mental image!