[bug] Wrong Bashful +2 synced to my garmin

I had planned Bashful +2, but the intervals on my garmin didn’t match the workout (not a huge deal since my legs weren’t feeling it anyways), but would be useful to fix.

I only got a set of 3 AC, 5 min rest, and 5 AC intervals vs the 3 x set of 5

Hey @mlunin,

What do you mean by “AC?” I’m looking into this issue for you but I need a bit more clarity on what showed up on your Garmin instead of the correct workout.

Generally, to resolve this issue though, you can delete the workout on your Garmin and then re-upload from TrainerRoad to set things straight :+1:.

Anaerobic capacity.

I got a set of 3 x 1.5 min intervals, a break and then 5 x 1.5 min intervals vs the full 15 intervals