Mount Field outside workout missing step

Outside workouts and the podcast finally got me to subscribe to TR. Today I started my first outside workout and I was surprised to see mount field start me on the 12 minute interval without a warm up. I went and checked the workout on my Garmin 520 and it indeed doesn’t have a warmup and only 7 steps. I grunted it out and finished the intervals (more due to heat and a road surface better suited to a gravel bike). Since I was missing the warmup the tss was a bit lower than planned. Is there any way to fix this on my end?

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Hey @ayottew,

I’m so sorry to hear that your first experience with our outside workouts got off to a rocky start :pensive:.

I took a look into the workout profile for Mount Field within TrainerRoad, and there is a 15-minute warmup included on our end. We have been seeing occasional issues with workouts becoming corrupted in one way or another on the Garmin side, whether in their software or their head units, and we are looking to get to the bottom of this.

When you view the workout in Garmin’s software on the computer, does it show the warmup? Or does it skip straight to the work interval like it did on your head unit?

We tested pushing Mount Field to an Edge 520 and 1030 we have in the office, and everything went off without a hitch. For future workouts, I would recommend checking that the workout properly pushed to your Garmin before you head out just to be sure that everything is as it should be. If it seems a little off, just delete it from your head unit and re-upload it :+1:.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working to do everything we can to prevent these types of issues from happening in the future.

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When I view it on the bike computer it doesn’t show the warmup, just the first set. On garmin connect it just says view details and edit on TrainerRoad LLC. My next workout Laramie came through correctly. However since its set for outside I don’t see the workout profile in TR.

Understood, thanks for clearing that up.

To ensure that the workout file has not been corrupted, you should be able to compare what shows up on your 520 with the written instructions within TrainerRoad. If it is missing any intervals or seems incorrect, just delete the workout from your head unit and re-sync your head unit with Garmin Connect.

I’m glad to hear that your most recent ride pushed to the head unit properly. Please let us know if you are consistently having these corrupted workout issues so that we can dig a bit deeper and gather further information to share with Garmin about the bugs we are seeing in their head units.

Cheers and welcome to TrainerRoad!


For all workouts pushed to my Garmin the warmup interval is just flat - not progressive. In fact, all intervals are flat. Is this correct or an error?

I would expect that a flat warmup is not very effective, as it is not gradually adding load and preparing for intervals to come.


That is how it is programmed I think. If you read the written description on TR for most outside workouts it says something like “Ride for 20 minutes gradually raising your power from 165 watts to 297 watts.”

I think they assume that the warmup part of the workout also includes you riding out to the roads that are best suited for your intervals. So instead of forcing you into the programmed warmup structure, it has you be a little more free form with it. Though I usually to to ramp up my effort in some way regardless of the flat interval on my garmin.

Makes sense that intervals are simplified for ridning outdoors. But I also use my Garmin to record indoor rides as it allows me to use the additional Garmin functionalities and frees up my iPad to watch race videos for motivation. So maybe I’m stretching the intended use, but it would still be nice if anyone has a solution for this :slight_smile: