Base Training - Macros

I’m getting back into some structured training after a full year of no racing (XC MTB). What I am interested in is what food macros folk are following during the base phase of training. My plan is to follow a 50% carb, 25% protein, and 25% fat ratio for the next 3 months and keep calories to around 1900 per day. When I transition into build phase I will bump the carbs up to 60, protein to 30, and fat down to 10. I’m also hoping that with my current training load in can lose around .5kg of weight per week (currently weigh 77.5kg).

I no longer monitor my macros. I make sure I fuel my rides and eat a healthy and varied diet (see Matt Fitzgerald’s Endurance Diet). I don’t eat junk or drink much if any alcohol. In addition I’m doing some weights. Unintentionally this is resulting in about .5kg loss every 4-6 weeks.

I’d be worried that you’re sabotaging your own training if you’re restricting calories to that extent. I imagine 1900 is not that much more than your BMR, so you could be under fuelling your training.


Thanks for the response. You may be right. My FTP is up 6% from last month with no weight gain so the training is working but do want to cut some of this COVID gut fat and lose a few kg’s. Something to closely monitor of course because I want things to remain effective. I’m very mindful of all the other variables (sleep, diet, stress etc) and do my best to manage them.

Anyone else out there with thoughts on macros?