Bailing on Andrews

I’m in week 6 of SSBLV. However I have a ski weekend planned and didn’t want the hassle of lugging The Little Shop of Power, so I pulled all the week’s workouts to the start of the week. Week 5 ended with 1.5 hours of supplemental endurance work (a workout suggested by Train Now) and then the TU & TH workouts on MO & TU. I woke up this morning feeling good but pegged out parasympathetically. Usually I start my jo-job at 6:30 but a dental appointment pushed it out 9. As the day wore on the idea of throwing over grew in meh-ness. So I called it off. No shame.

I’ve finished SSBLV. Not only that but I also took on and completed traditional base mid volume and pushed my ramp test result to PR territory. I also did a fair amount of supplemental work through SSBLV and stayed healthy through both plans. Onto build and podium glory!

Sometimes, ya just gotta say no.