Badly timed time off

I have a race in about two weeks time.
I’ve just had two days off being a bit unwell.
I’ve got a couple of days and then I have an enforced (work) five days off then I have another 9 days prior to my event.

Do I use my five day break as a mini taper? Then do an intense 4 days of work and then taper for another 5 days as per AT leading up to my event?

I feel that if I just keep taper for 2 weeks I’ll end up losing a little too much fitness.

Your current plan sounds good to me. However, If you’re feeling better I would actually train through those 9 days but keep the intensity days spread out, and then taper 5 days out.

If you’ve been training a lot prior, a 2 week taper might help you but a 1 week taper usually is good enough for most.

Hope I helped.

I usually do intensity on Tuesdays and Thursdays - if it’s a goal event, I’ll usually keep the Tuesday session unchanged, swap the Thursday session for some short anaerobic openers. Z2 Wednesday and Friday, the Friday one kept short, Unless I’ve really been digging a hole, I find that gives me plenty of time to build energy without ending up feeling like a slug. I reckon you can do some productive work in that 9 days without torpedoing yourself, especially if your nutrition is sorted.

It’s actually a very workable strategy.
I find I race better when I’m in a period of active training so in the past have taken a week off prior to an event then started a hard block of training again with the race somewhere in week 2 or 3.
Basically exactly as your situation prescribes.

What’s the goal event?

30k TT followed by 100 mile road race next day.

I’ve got 9 days which needs to include taper (having had a little over a week off)

The ToC, good luck :+1:

Assuming you’ve been consistent with your training up to your illness your body will benefit from the 5 days off and you’ll be stronger for it :+1: