Bad head cold at end of recovery week

Aka “How important is actually riding during recovery week?”

So on Friday of my Build week 4 recovery week I got a bad head cold. Yesterday, Saturday, had tissues pretty much permanently attached to nose. Decided to skip prescribed Mokelumne +1 (1.5 hrs endurance) yesterday in favor of letting my body fight cold.

This morning no better. Feel like zombie :zombie:‍♂ from head congestion. No fever. Plan calls for Boarstone (2 hrs endurance) today.

What to do? I know I can do Boarstone, should I? Something even shorter like Pettit just to keep legs spinning? Does riding right now (with this timing relative to plan) even matter?

A slightly irrational part of me is still hoping I’ll be up to crushing Ramp Test on Tuesday and going right into Week 5 of Build without missing a beat.

If you stay completely off the bike you’ll feel flat coming back. If you can do some moderate spinning, even at reduced intensity and/or duration that is better than nothing. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. A runny nose is an inconvenience, but shouldn’t necessary keep you off the bike for recovery rides.

You may be setting yourself up for disappointment :grimacing:. Maybe push that to Wednesday and do a priming workout on Tuesday to see how you feel coming out of a week of sickness.


I like both of those points. Thanks @MI-XC