Back to back specialty plans

Hi. Just started using trainer road about 2 weeks ago and loving it. Planning my training to do a weeks charity ride through the Pyrenees in Sept.
After base and build, I’m considering doing back to back specialty plans (century then climbing road race).
Any views on whether that’s a good or bad idea?

Hi @Spyder75, if your goal event is one singular ride through the Pyrenees, you may not need to follow the above advice of Peaking for Multiple A Races.

However, I want to clear up that the Climbing Road Race specialty plan is built toward punchy, aggressive racing over many hills throughout a shorter course, whereas the Century plan is better suited for long endurance rides or stage races like these charity rides tend to lean towards.

If you’re climbing up long mountain passes for hours, you’ll benefit from the sustained efforts that the Sustained Build and Century Specialty plans contain. In this case, since you have a bit of time on your hands, I’d recommend repeating the Sustained Build Plan twice before starting the Century Plan 8 weeks before your goal event.

I would disregard the Climbing Road Race plan unless you plan to ride the event in a very aggressive manner. Hope this helps!

Thanks Larry. It’s 9 consecutive days over Tourmalet, Peyresourde etc etc
I’m competitive so will want to be at the front :grin:, however repeating century plan sounds like a great idea… hadn’t thought of that!
Sustained power for the long climbs is what I’m after…

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That’s not what Larry recommended, he suggested doubling down on the Sustained Build plan.

Back-to-back Speciality is really not the best idea.


If you take a look at both plans, you can see that the Climbing Road Race has much spiky-er workouts. :wink: This more closely matches the sharper demands of a competitive road race, whereas the Century plan contains workouts designed around long, sustained power and building your FTP. This will serve you much better.

To echo what @julianoliver mentioned, we don’t recommend repeating Specialty plans, since these refine your abilities. Repeating Base or Build plans is where we see riders actually build more fitness, increase their FTP, and make the best use of their time. You can read more about that here:

I would also recommend taking a look at this article for more guidance as you modify your training plan:

Best of luck for 2019 and let us know how your event goes!!


Thanks Larry and Julian… I did mis-read.
Makes complete sense.
Thank you for the guidance