Back to back base or more build/specialty?

So I have a 240 mile gravel race in august that is my “A” race this year. I have been using adaptive training for several years and am happy with it. Currently I just finished the three base phases, each 4 weeks. When I select a new plan starting date back at the beginning of my base builds in October then AI takes me thru sustained build and grand fondo, each 2 months long and then repeats that. So basically peak once in late april for a “b” race and once before my A race in August. If I start the plan now with todays date it take me back thru all base phases I just did and then does one block of build and one grand fondo block to peak before the A race. I guess my question is which plan makes more sense? Is more base better (6months of it in this case) or more build and specialty?

Personally, I’d lean towards the two-peak approach since you have enough time to do so between the races.

If you’re feeling like you have a solid base now after the training you’ve already done, then you could get into Build/Specialty for that first event in April and be in really good shape for it. After that race, take a week or two off the bike, and then get back into another Build/Specialty cycle for your next peak in August.

If you feel like additional base work would be more beneficial, though, there’s nothing wrong with that approach either! Ultimately, the choice will be yours depending on how you’ve felt your preparation and training has been going.

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