B Race in 2 week - my plan needs to be changed?

Hi guys, we’re almost there!
in two weeks I have the first mtb xc race.
In front of me I have the last two weeks of short build power before beginning cross country specific phase, the last of which discharge.

According to you, I have to leave everything unchanged or:

  1. next week I insert in mtb outputs race pace and then leave the exhaust week before the race?
  2. I train normally next week and replace the week of exhaust with outputs (max 2) in mtb to simulate the race pace?

Thanks again for the valuable advice

ps. ftp is going up;)

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In my opinion, it would be better if you change the schedule to the second option) It will be more efficient and better prepare you for the races) But its only my opinion,i think,that i would do the same…

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Hey Nick!

It sounds like you have Week 7 and 8 left of Short Power Build and then your first B race of the season, is that right?

If so, I would leave Week 7 as is, and replace Week 8 with Week 8 of XC Olympic Specialty. Week 8 of Specialty is a taper week that is designed with the sole purpose of priming you for race day :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Thank’s Bryce!

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Any time! :mountain: