XC endurance race change messes up plan. Should I change?

Help! my Planned race on 29 August has changed and due to oversubscribed entries, the 4 hour mtb endurance is now a 8 hour endurance race (gulp!) Added to this, it is being held on a relatively short xc lap course. My planned training is ssb1 ,followed by ssb2, then general build.
But I am a diesel, with no ability to ride short sharp climbs, but good on long drags, like we have in Wales and Scotland.
My question is; should I abandon general build ,and opt for short power build, or the speciality MTB endurance plan.
Ive listened to the Leadville podcast and taken some points from that, but UK courses are nothing like the US courses, and with a short lap, the temptation to stop in the pits ,eat cake and have a little rest is another challenge to overcome. Im an experienced endurance rider, and have done multi day bikepacking adventures, but always rely on stopping when it suits me, and I seem to find it easier if I have stops, but want to try not to have too many in the race, as last time I lost out on a win, because I stopped for cake!
Any advice welcome

Your like doing the Torq Breakout? Me too. I can’t speak to the TR plans but make sure you have plenty of Endurance base in your riding, possibly with some mid week Sweetspot and threshold power intervals to replicate the short climbs over the lap. I just posted my own FTP test thread here and they hint at my plan.

Don’t stop unless you need to. Have a table setup course side for bottles/gels grab n go. 8 hrs is just riding over the course of the day so see it as a day ride out and back ignore the circular course nature of things. Last year I did the Exposure 12h and my first “proper” stop was at 8h so knowing that realistically you can just ride on appropriate snacks for that long should be good.

And if you’re almost winning well done, but may be worrying unduly!

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I’d have thought short power build would be more fitting to that course. As for strategy, you’re really good and know Gorrick courses so just make a pact with yourself not to stop. If you can persuade some poor soul to do hand ups then you don’t have to stop at all, otherwise 10 seconds every other lap should be more than enough.
Don’t envy you going round and round a short loop for 8hrs though. It’ll definitely be more of a mental test than a physical one. Perhaps a discrete single earbud with podcasts to distract you during the middle hours?

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I did 2 rounds of Build last year and raced an XC series very well. I ended the season with a 17 hour MTB :100:. General Build will prepare you well for your 8 hour adventure. Then I’d suggest XCM Specialty leading into your event.

Also, over the 17 hour event I only stopped 4 times for a couple minutes to refuel.

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Yes! youre right, Really looking forward to racing again! Ill have a look at your FTP test thread. Could be helpful.
Its a tough one for me, as Im competing against the over 40 women, and Im 64, but many people start too fast, and I think energy conservation is key Good idea having a table set up, will speed things up as long as no chocolate cake on there! Was the Exposure 12hr the one at Newnham park that used to be 24/12. I had my best results there winning the 12 hour a couple of times, Things are a bit harder now, but if anything Im training a lot more scientifically with TR.
Catch up (not literally) with you at Torq Breakout

Thanks, totally agree. Its the mental side that worries me, I love listening to the TR podcasts, and thats a good idea. Ha ha poor soul ! I m good til I get tired ,then I turn grumpy

Just looked at the XCM speciality. Seems to contain more ac and power intervals. What I need for the short sharp climbs

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Remember it won’t really be about, how high is your anaerobic power, but rather, can you do it, then do it again 20+ times. So really, aerobic capacity. Meaning, any of the choices shoukd be good, I’d think.

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Wow 64, awesome. That gives me hope that there’s life in me yet - I’m 48!

Yes is was the 24/12 I usually go every year until this year of course usually on a social basis. Fast starting is an issue, 8hrs is tricky - most people will fast start on a six hour as they can managed that for the first few and last laps. For 12 I like to start at the front and drift backward slightly by not being over zealous but needing less rest later on. 8 I’m not so sure. Gorrick will typically have a tight entry into the singletrack after the start so I’d be tempted to stay at the front until then, then back off.

Yes, like you ,I would start well up to avoid the bottlenecks at 24/12 but it opened out quickly, as it is a big lap.
Ive asked Gorrick if they can swap me to the 4 hours, as most of the events ,including the Scott Marathons are around 4 hours, and a 6 hour ride on the South downs way , (organised by Trailbreak, then Battle in the Bowl ,a 2 hour cx race(also Trailbreak). Then I wont be needing to do Petit for a week to recover :rofl:

Ah so your now there Saturday. And the Scott Marathons - also my go-to as well, I’m wondering but doubt if the September round will happen.

Good luck at Torq!

Cheers! Hope the Scott goes ahead. They would have to make a few changes, eg the start. If they have to reduce entry numbers, that may make the event non profitable, so that may sadly mean it cannot be run.