XC to Marathon Build, 6-7 weeks

Just bought a CycleOps Hammer trainer and downloaded TrainerRoad. Just finished my short track XC season and will have 6-7 weeks before my next race. My “A” race is a 38 mile race on Sept 14 with a 20 mile race on similar terrain 6 days prior on Sept 8.

Could you recommend me a training plan to best prepare me for these races?
I don’t plan on doing the full plan until Oct-Nov to prepare me for next year’s XC season. But I would like to go ahead and do some training for these next races which are longer than my typical 1-1.5 hr races.

You could pick either the General Build or Sustained Power Build. Take some consideration of your strengths and weaknesses, and look at a the way you expect to produce power.

6 weeks isn’t a ton of time to swap emphasis, but you may be able to swing the pendulum in the direction you need, with a good choice above.

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Thanks for the help

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Not a whole lot of time to really get into anything, but I’d recommend the First 4 weeks of General Build, then probably the last 3 weeks of XCM Specialty. Specialty has a built in 2 week taper so this would set you up nicely for your A event.

I’m similar to you as I am finishing up my XCO season and transitioning to my A event (MTB 100) on September 21st. So I will finish the full General Build, take a guided MTB trip in Scotland :smiley:, then come back and do 6 weeks of XCM Specialty leading into my A event.

Be careful not to kill yourself on that Sep 8th event.