AXS Compatible Trainer

Forgive me for asking something that’s been covered (Im sure). I searched without much result-

For those who’ve made the jump to AXS- what trainer are you using?

I have a 2016 Kickr that I know I’ll have to part ways with, despite a long, stable and trustworthy relationship. As I look for a newer, younger and probably sleeker model- which ones work? Yes, Im picturing the Will Ferrell car scene in Old School too.

Or is there a upgrade or add-on I can (ie. 12-speed cassette for that free hub body) that will work?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe there is anything specific regarding set up that is different than a normal derailleur, so any trainer should work that currently works with your bike. I’ve been waiting on my AXS upgrade kit for my MTB, that I also use on my trainer. I have a Wahoo Snap, wheel on trainer, so there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Are you talking AXS Road or MTB?

The chain width and cassette are different, and the solution to trainer options varies based on the Road vs MTB answer.

XD/XDR Freehub Body

CycleOps Hammer & H2

Wahoo Kickr18 & Core

Tacx Neo & Neo 2, Flux Series


My apologies- Im asking for the road variety. Probably narrow it down to the Core or H2. If I go Core, I can get a Climb for roughly the same price as the H2… Decisions, decisions…



Disc? Don’t think 2016 kickr is compatible with disc brakes.

it is. its not climb compatible. or 148. or xd-r

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@mcneese.chad linked the xdr conversion kit above for xdr freehub for the wahoo kickr :point_up_2: they’re released it within the past couple weeks for axs road

Yes, but the conversion is only compatible with the Kickr18 or Core. The OP has a 2016, which is a no-go.


Given the cost of AXS consumable parts (especially RED power meters) I personally wouldn’t want to train on an AXS bike.

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Sorry, I assumed it was for all kickr, including my '17. Was about to order it as I have an axs bike on the way :grimacing: thank you for saving me the $70, plus cost of sram 12sp cassette (about $180).

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With all the changing standards, Im strongly considering going back to rollers. Ive had some 2 3/4" Kreitlers for 15 years, or maybe dable in some new “smart” rollers. Totally future-proof myself by going old school!

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I love rollers, especially motion rollers. But on their own, I find them difficult to downright dangerous for things like upper end VO2 and Anaerobic efforts. Balance and positioning get shaky on the highs, but even more so on the recoveries for me. A fork mount can help for stability. The floating version for the InsideRide is a nice option to give some freedom too.

The other aspect that is lacking from most rollers is much flywheel effect. It is more like low gearing in ERG mode, which can be good if that is what you want, but I like the option of adjusting that flywheel effect for various uses. Some rollers include flywheels, but most lack enough to be worthwhile.

I am planning to try a retrofit of my aging PowerBeam Pro resistance unit onto my DIY motion rollers. It would add some flywheel weight and maybe some smart control. No idea if it will work, but it’s one of my Fall season projects I’d like to try.

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Couldn’t agree more- on all fronts. Probably wait and see what happens this fall, when new trainers tend to drop. My CX bike is still 11-speed for now, so I’ll ride that indoors, once it cools off enough here in FLA to get back in the garage. Ive seen some of the flywheel stuff for rollers. Seems interesting. And the new Elites look pretty incredible. Lemme know how that experiment pans out-

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Just received a new kicker core to use with my Force AXS Etap (disc and 12mm TA). Bought the XDR freehub from wahoo and a new cassette from JensonUSA - took 5 minutes to install and works perfectly.


Just a quick question, do you also have quite a loud noise/ vibration coming from the chainset when on the trainer? I have Force Axs (red cassette) and a Kickr Core, but there’s always quite a lot of buzz coming from my chainset…

I had a bearing go bad in a '18 Kickr, and yes, it made that kind of racquet. Wahoo sent me a new trainer and its gone since then. For me, it coincided with roughly the same time I swapped the free hub out.

I can’t imagine putting a new AXS road bike on a trainer. It would be better to pick up a used bike online, rim brake bikes are cheap AF, and use it as a trainer only bike. A cheap carbon bike w/ power meter would be cost effective and eliminate the hassle and wear & tear on a new high end road bike.

a few gears have some noticeable noise for me - but not enough for me to re-index/micro-adjust the rear gearing. IF its really giving you a headache you can micro-adjust the rear, however, just make sure when you take it off the trainer to adjust again to the cassette on your outdoor wheel

train on the same bike I race. :man_shrugging:


define “better”.