Wahoo Kickr Core cassette compatibility

Question. If I run an 11-42 1x on my MTB, can I use an 11-28 road cassette on my kickr without adjusting the derailleur? Or do I need to buy an 11-42 cassette? I just bought the kickr core, one of the reasons why I bought it is to do my TR workouts on my MTB, I want to be as specific as possible on my training.

You can run the 11-28 just fine. You may need a small barrel adjustment as the freehub body location can vary enough to cause skipping. But your other derailleur settings will be fine.

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Sweet! Thank you.

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… and potentially an adjustment of the limit screws as well, depending on how far off the cassette ends up from the axle face on the trainer compared with on the wheel.


Will an MTB Sram Eagle cassette fit on a Kickr Core? If not, what’s the solution? Also I’m running AXS drivetrain, does that effect anything?

I think you’ll have to use a NX or SX cassette since my Kickr is free hub vs XD.

Wahoo makes an XDR/XD Freehub for purchase. It lists AXS compatibility, but not sure it will work withe Eagle.

I need to do a bit more research.

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Yes, it will work with a GX Eagle or above cassette that uses the XD specification.
The Wahoo freehub is actually an XDR one which is 1.8mm wider than XD to accomodate road 12 speed, so you will need to use the spacers supplied with the freehub body.
Most people seem to settle on using one of the cheaper NX or below cassettes from SRAM as these use the old HyperGlide spline format and individual cogs with spacers rather than the pinned or fully machined cassettes that use XD(XDR) found higher up in the range. You won’t need to buy the XD/XDR driver body and the cassettes are much cheaper.
A couple of things to note are that a 50T cog as found on Eagle is massive and not all trainers will actually accomodate this. I made a note about this on another thread as it looks like Elite Drivo, Drivo II, Kura and Turno trainers will not work with an 50T cog as parts of the trainer body foul the cassette and stop it from turning. The Kickr/Kickr Core all look fine in this respect so go for it.
The other thing is that the HG body does not support 10t cogs and so the smallest is 11t.


So do these spacers come with the Kickr Core? I already have an extra X01 Eagle cassette, so I would like to use that on the Kickr Core.

The spacers come with the XD/R freehub ,sold seperately to the trainer, which you will need to fit your eagle cassette to the kickr core

So I guess if I already have the X01 cassette buying the seperate free hub is the cheapest way to go.

If you want to fit an eagle or axs cassette to your kickr then buying the freehub is the ONLY way to go

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The XD free hub for the wahoo is $70. I would buy an NX cassette thats already compatible and use the extra X01 on your bike when you wear through the one you have.


Not true for Eagle. The NX/SX level cassettes, is 11-50 12-speed and works on the standard Shimanno/Sram freehub design that is stock on the Kickr.



:thinking: For GX Eagle (XG-1275) and above yes as they use the XD driver body. NX Eagle (PG-1230) and SX Eagle (PG-1210) still use the HyperGlide body.
In the UK the XDR freehub body is ~£50 and a 1230 Cassette costs about ~£70 online.
Do you want to use a ~$400 Cassette on your turbo?
Which ever route you go down, you should be all fine with your Kickr Core.

@mcneese.chad - beat me to it :grin:

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Chad we are talking about X01, not NX

For what it’s worth, after purchasing the XDR freehub for use with my sram axs setup, I reverted back to the original freehub with an 11spd cassette. I use erg mode exclusively so just leave the bike in the same gear and the 12 speed chain works just fine.

Understood, with respect to the one that MI-XC already has. But your comment seemed more broad to me, about Eagle overall vs specifically for his situation. So I added info in a broad aspect for others to consider.

What cassette exactly are you using and are there any adjustments needed for AXS? I will using 100% erg as well so I don’t “need” the 12 gears, I was trying to ensure everything works properly. The Eagle NX is $100 so a cheaper cassette would be nice.

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I’m using a shimano 105 5800 cassette. 12 speed chain works on it just fine. Shifting actually isnt terrible but i just leave it in the same gear throughout the workout and let erg do the rest.

I’ll change the gear I use at the back every now and then just to prevent wear on the cassette

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