AXS Compatible Trainer

Yeah, that I expected; my problem is the very noticeable rumble-feeling when I apply force to the pedals, lower RPM/Higher watt = more vibration

But for those of us that only have 1 bike as an option… AXS works great on the trainer.

I run a 2018 Kickr. I have 2 bikes with axs: 1x Gravel with eagle in the rear/force axs up front, and a road with axs red front and back. I initially worried about finding an axs driver and cassette for the road bike, but ended up saying ‘screw it’ and just tried it with the stock cassette. Have had both bikes on the trainer, and haven’t had any issue. Maybe it’s not a perfect fit, maybe I’ll wear something a little faster than I would otherwise, but if so, I can’t tell after using it this way for the last 9ish months.

The only thing I can’t/don’t do is shift to 1st or second gear, or else the chain might pop off the big cog. But it’s not even something I’ve ever thought about after the first day or two. I almost always run erg mode, and when I don’t, I don’t shift across more than 4-5 gears tops anyway.

I don’t notice any additional noise or grinding, or hesitation shifting. Everything just works and I changed nothing on the bike or the trainer. Could just be lucky, but whatever the case, I’ll keep using it as is until given some reason to worry.

Interesting! By stock cassette, do you mean an 11-speed one?
I’m having issues explaining what my problem is, but it’s basically a “whosh, whosh, whosh” noise coming from the chainset/ crankset whenever I pedal and apply some watt (more noticeable at 250w+). Everything from the back (red cassette and chain) sounds fine, but it’s almost as if my crankset is flexing or something causing it to generate this noise on every pedal revolution. The noise can be heard in this youtube video:

right - just using the cassette that came with the trainer. I have no doubt that if I paid close attention the indexing isn’t perfect across all gears, but it’s close enough to where I don’t notice any unusual noise or wear for the gears I use (mostly 5-10). Not suggesting anyone else follow my lead, just been my experience.