Trainer options for mtb sram eagle with boost spacing

I’m running my mtb on a wheel on trainer at the moment and have been looking at the possibility of upgrading to a model with interactive ergo mode.
My bike has Sram Eagle and 12x148mm boost spacing. Can anyone suggest a direct drive trainer that will work with this set up?
What extra adapters will I need?
Is it possible to run an eagle drive chain on the bike and use a different cassette on the trainer (without the whole 12)?
Thanks in advance.


Kickr Core comes with 12x148 adapter so your all set. Just use the new SRAM NX 12 speed cassette since it doesnt require an XD driver.


Also, if you’re looking to save cash I use the Kickr Snap with boost spacing and Eagle XX1. Works flawlessly.

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Boost compatible direct drive trainers:

Wahoo Kickr and Core.
CycleOps Hammer and H2.
Elite Drivo 1 & 2, Direto 1 & 2.
Tacx Neo 2 Smart, Neo Smart (requires additional purchase of axle adapter kit).


When usin erg mode on the wahoo kickr, I do not shift. I have the 2018 model and it fits right up to my 12x148 with 11 speed cassette and eagle chain on the trainer.


Thanks for reminding me about the NX Eagle cassette Spots. I’d forgotten that it was released recently.

The Kickr Core is definitely on the short list. It sucks hard when you need to cough up more cash for an adapter that can cost way more than it’s worth.
It cost me 20% of the (on sale) price of my basic fluid trainer last time.

I’m probably going down the direct drive route as I’d like to get my spare wheel back for training rides. I’m running Maxxis DH tyres that weigh a tonne to keep things honest.

My training buddy has the snap Kickr and loves it. Although, he has a road bike that’s permanently mounted to it. Good to know there are no clearance issues with the eagle drivetrain.

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Thanks Mc.neese.chad,

I’m based in Australia so don’t tend to see as many of the CycleOps locally. Good old Google should help me find out if there are any good deals around.
The others are already on the shortlist. Thanks for the confirmation as the various online descriptions can be confusing.

During my searching I noticed the new Tacx Flux 2 has been designed to add 148 boost spacing. I think they’re being released locally soon. Tick tock.

On another note, I’ve noticed you seem to know your stuff in regards to the comings and goings of this forum. I’ve skimmed a few posts that relate to the speed at which the various trainers adjust resistance.
Is this something that I should take into account when making a decision?
Any info would be appreciated.


Yeah, I forgot the Tacx Flux, 2 & S models, sorry about that.

As far as speed, I know the Elite trainers have been mentioned a being slower to adjust when compared to all of the others. They seem to perform worse in ERG for some reason.

My experience with the Hammer and Kickr 2017 have been great. They perform well and adjust quickly.

Hi JustInTime,

Awesome news. I figured there was no reason it couldn’t be done with an 11 speed cassette. Although, the NX cassette will fix that so I can use different gears if needed.

I started this thread because I had the option of getting a Tacx Flux on sale for a pretty good price. Turns out my derailleur cage would not fit when in most of the gears. It looks like the new one has resolved this issue amongst others.
I figure it’s best to avoid that option and wait for the new one to enter the market at the same price as the Kickr Core. Nothing like a bit of competition to shake things up and push prices down.

All the best.

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kickr core.

boost fits. no adapters needed.

nx eagle cassette. but i cant use some of the gears because of the derailleur. so erg mode only. its a bummer. but i do love the kickr core compared to my previous wheel on trainer.

Thanks Jball843,

Why can’t you use all the gears? Does deraillier clearance become an issue on the Kickr Core?

It’s unfortunate for mtbers that roadies get the lions share of the market. Sometimes at least.
Good to see that the trainers available are adapting and doing something to keep on top of all the newer standards.

Tacx Neo 2 lists 12x148 compatibility as well and now includes adapters in the box, unlike original Neo. They only mention 11 speed cassettes though on their site, but would think you could mount an Eagle cassette.

Anyone had success with Boost 148 and Eagle on a Neo?


@jball843 ,
Can you let me know what the issues are with derailleur clearance? I have ordered a Kickr Core (on sale) for my training setup and would love to know what to expect.
I also ordered an NX Eagle cassette so I can use as many gears as possible. It should all show up tomorrow.

I promise to report back for others that might be interested.
@Kuttermax, It would be great if the specs showed max cage length. Some do, but it often requires a little digging.
Beware of the promise of pedal stroke analysis with anything but a twin crank based power meter with twin strain gauges. From my limited research the information is a best guess if not.
A bit like my left only Stages.

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I promised I’d report back.

The Kickr Core and NX Eagle cassette arrived today. No issues using every gear and mounting my Scott Spark RC frame with 148mm 12mm thru bolt (boost spacing).

My take on the trainer is yet to be decided.
Lion Rock this arvo. It’ll take some practice to get the erg mode to give sufficient resistance as the cadence ramps up. It’s not perfect but I’ll learn to get the most from it.
The power readings seem to be way off compared to the Stages. Anything from 20 to 50 watts higher on the Kickr. Several goes at factory resets. Could be another setting as the workout hurt as it should’ve.

Anyway, I’ll play with the unit and the PM over the weekend and report back.

PS. So far the workout seemed easier on the legs than using my dumb fluid trainer. I’m pretty sure that’s to do with me keeping the target power above the recommended level as much as possible. If I’m under I push harder.
The erg mode makes things easy sometimes when you try to load up the power.
None of that on the old trainer. You want to go all out on that final sprint. You go all out and hopefully don’t spew.


With the Stages, consider using PowerMatch. Its covered in the Help section on the TR support site.

With ERG, focus in holding a steady cadence only, let the trainer and app adjust to match the power target. There.are andew.tricks to help it, but it’s best that new ERG riders just focus on cadence first.

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This :point_up_2:

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Gotcha! There was some confusion on my part when jayball843 mentioned an issue with derailleur clearance. Plenty of room after all.

@mcneese.chad thanks mate. I ended up finding the power matching setting in the app. There was no way I could’ve finished the workout using the inbuilt power. It felt like I had the brakes on.

In regards to cadence, what’s the best way to address something like the quick ramp at the end of the Lion Rock intervals? Erg mode seemed to struggle to keep adding power as my cadence increased and I ended up undershooting.
In the past I’ve been used to going all out on those sort of efforts.

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I like to slow my cadence gradually in the 60 seconds before those “jumps”. Aim to get about 10-20 rpm lower in your cadence (like down to 70-80 rpm from 90 rpm). This causes the resistance unit to increase the braking value.

Then, when the interval hits (about 0-2 seconds before the official interval start), jump back up to your prior cadence (like 90 rpm or faster for sprint stuff). This gives you more initial “bite” to overcome and reduces the chance of blowing too far over the ERG resistance level.


@mcneese.chad Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

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