Tacx Neo 2T and Domane 2020 compatability?

I used Wahoo’s Kickr Core this year and kept riding in the winter for the first time ever. Things were working well and I’m loving Trainer Road.

When taking it off the trainer after a few months riding straight, I have some paint wear on the frame and Internet searching led to this sad article DCRainmaker Report on Wahoo Trek Incompatibilities. When I bought the Kickr, my bike was not on the list of incompatible bikes. Whelp.

It now seems like the fix mentioned in the article is not going to happen soon, so I’m thinking of just going with the Tacx Neo 2T. Before I do that, can anyone confirm that a 2020 or 2021 Domane works with the Tacx Neo 2T? Do I need to order any spacers to accommodate the disc brakes?

Thanks in advance.

I have the Trek Domane 2019 and the Tacx Neo 2 and have no issues with any frame or disc brake rubbing. All looks good.

Thank you!

Found this thread and @mlt was wondering if you ended up getting the Neo 2t and how it worked with your 2020 domane. I’m in the exact situation as you and have been going in circles trying to find an up to date compatibility chart or anything that can confirm. I had an original Neo and LOVED it! Never had to do anything to it. I have had a Kickr now for two years and I hate it. I get dropouts, the bluetooth is flaky, all apps I have find the NEO always and instantly but my kickr comes and goes and drops out. Want to make the switch but concerned about the fit.

Hi @mofosto. While I was fretting over the decision, a Garmin package arrived with the adaptors for the Kickr Core, so I decided to leave be. My Kickr doesn’t drop out like yours though, so the only main improvement would have been not needing to calibrate before a ride. Couldn’t justify that price increase for that. Good luck on whatever you decide!