Avoid Ventum: Subpar Product and Support


Ventum is a marketing company first; the product does not live up to the hype and their support is not great.

First post here but I go by the same username on Weight Weenies and a few other spots.

So I recently went through a whole ordeal with buying a first generation Ventum NS1 and I was impressed by how badly it turned out. Nobody else on the internet has surfaced this so I figured I’ll document it here.

Link to original build thread: WW Build Thread

It boggles my mind that this frame was released at $5,000, as the quality of the frame and the parts included are comparable to a $600 open mold frame. Their customer service is also unknowledgeable about product specifics.

I purchased the frame because their customer support confirmed the frameset was FSA ACR compatible if I used their bearing and compression ring. Instead of actually confirming this as a fact, they assured me it was good to go and I purchased the frame. I received the frame and it was apparent that was not the case.

Aug 11 - Purchased frame

Aug 22 - Received frame and inspected

Aug 23 - Emailed for refund

Aug 24 - Ventum CS (customer support) replied and green lit the return for full refund

Aug 25 - Shipped out from me, out of my own pocket

Aug 29 - Recieved by Ventum

Sept 7 - Sent an email to Ventum CS to get an update (radio silence between last contact on Aug 25)

Sept 8 - Ventum CS stated I would be penalized a 10% restocking fee for some scratches that were not there when I taped the box up. They also would not be covering any of the shipping, so I’m losing $269.72.

A few notes after inspecting the frame:

  • Frame finishing is overall very much second tier, would be a QC reject at any established bike company

  • Markings on the seatpost and thru axles are a generic, stereotypically-open-mold-esque serif font

  • Headset cover is a monolithic chunk of conical aluminum with no weight saving reliefs

  • Headset bearings don’t have the same markings (extreme nitpick, to be fair; they are the correct, identical bearings)

  • All the bolts are extremely low quality

  • Expander/top cap, seatpost clamp, saddle clamp, and derailleur hangers are of the same quality as the $450 counterfeit frames I have seen

I was then asked this by user “TobinHatesYou” on Weight Weenies:

How do the brake mounts, BB shell and headset bearing seats look?

I didn’t even bother looking that carefully at the areas he mentioned since it already looked like trash but, DAMN, it is not pretty.

Link to album of full resolution images: Full res album

Rear brake mount

Finishing is very rough, there are gouges perpendicular to the chainstay at the mounting holes on the top side. The top and bottom mounting faces are uneven and partially painted. The highest point is paint. From my naked eye, the top mounting faces are not on the same plane, but I don’t have my precision ground straight edge with me right now. Overall, they just look embarassing.

Top of rear brake mount

Bottom of rear brake mount

Front brake mount

They seem to have some finishing work done (unlike the rear) and the regular ass box level I have on hand indicated they’re roughly parallel with each other. The mounting face is partially painted though so thats mildly moot. The highest point is paint.

Upper mounting threads for front brake

Lower mounting threads for front brake

BB shell

Looks fine, I don’t have anything to measure with so I can’t say much.

Headset bearing seats

Ton of overspray on both upper and lower bearing seats.

Upper bearing seat

Lower bearing seat

I have a bone to pick about the thru axles and headset cover both being incredibly heavy. It indicates to me that they didn’t give any consideration to finding a lighter alternative, forgoing a nicer product (and possibly some actual R&D) just to pad their bottom line. Add the cheapo small parts package and they’ve released a product I would not personally be proud of releasing to the world.

Looking at their LinkedIn, they don’t employ a single engineer or anyone with a background in bicycle project management, everyone is in logistics, customer service, or marketing. The whole company gives off a “marketing-first cash grab” sort of vibe, which would be fine if their product was any good.

I bought an SL7 instead.


So this just like the classic video ‘how to start a fake wheel company’ but for bikes!


I’m surprised Ventum’s cost so much. I thought they were supposed to be inexpensive. The cheaper, $3500 SL7 frame is a no brainer compared to a $3,000 Ventum frame.


I am referencing the first gen frame which they have on sale for $1,100. Not sure if they’ve gotten any better the second time around.

Ooof… Thanks for posting your experience. Always good to get real consumers posting rather than hearing how great things are from brand ambassadors.


That sucks. I’m enjoying my 2023 NS1, but haven’t done an in depth check on it since I bought it as a while bike rather than a frame. Works fine for me though.

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I’ve been thinking about updating my g bike with a Ventum. I wonder if there is a difference between earlier years to this year? Was considering buying a frame on clearance for $1100 but after reading the op…not so sure. Which year frame do you have?

A team mate got one early this year and no problems. I actually messaged him and asked his opinion as a dude who can ride better than most. He said he feels planted/stable due to the long trail/reach on descents but, it can hinder him on more technical cornering stuff. Likes the aero touches. Relatively light. He doesn’t like the mono bolt seat clamp.

It’s a new frame for 2023. I dislike the seat post clamp as well. That took me by surprise when I was adjusting it the first time.

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Is the seat post D shaped or round? It looks very close to the posts Scott uses which are D…

The trail figures are on the quicker end, wouldn’t call it anywhere near “stable”. Stable in my eyes is > 62mm. The frame is on the heavier end as well. For $1,100 with a warranty it’s… fine… if they don’t give you a crap copy of the frame like I got.

D shape

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I have the second gen. Got a discount on the previous Force group set. It seems good so far. It’s my first carbon bike, so I don’t have much to compare it to.

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I bought one of the NS1 frames on clearance a few weeks ago. The only gripe I have is with how long it took to ship for ‘quality assurance or inspection’ and my headset dust cap doesn’t sit flush with the frame, to which Ventum CS said is normal. A few ppl I know have the same frame and said theirs sit lower. It’s like the compression ring that goes around the fork is too tall or the dust cap clearance isn’t enough. No overspray in my top or lower bearing area. I will note the thru axels, seat post clamp, and saddle clamp appear to be rather cheap. Ventum CS offered to ship me the previous model compression ring.

I also recently purchased the Legacy NS1 frame. The quality control on the inside of the frame at the headset and bottom bracket were very poor. Both had sharp shards of delaminating carbon that needed sanding down. Finish quality of the paint was not great.
Did not come with grommets for electric drivetrain, came with mechanical cable routing only - I know its called legacy, but it’s a 2022 frame. Really poor to not consider someone would want to use an electric drivetrain.
The seatclamp does not fit carbon rail seats, only round metal seat rails… Again this is supposed to be from 2022 not 2002!
The user manual of the legacy NS1 is broken on the website. Support sent me a PDF. It’s an unboxing guide for the bike not a user manual that is in any way useful for someone buying a frame and fork.

Given their direct to consumer model the customer experience is extremely poor via the channels they engage their customers (web, YouTube etc.)

Thank goodness the frame was $1,100 not 3 or 5k.

That’s pretty common. Specialized gives you two sets of clamps with a frameset for either.

Yes this is common - Specialized, Trek, etc. however Ventum don’t give 2 sets of clamp ears and don’t have them available on the website as parts/accessories… Again given the direct to consumer model it’s lacking in customer experience. They’re marketing approach seems to be someone will buy a whole bike, never change a part, never do maintenance themselves. One wonders where they are doing their market research, it definitely doesn’t seem to be the cycling community

I also have the legacy frame. Bought it back in August. First I ordered the black frame, then got an email saying it was actually out of stock. Ok, whatever, I got the silver and they knocked off shipping. Received it, and as others have mentioned, no instructions really, and finish was a little suspect. The headset/cap for me does not sit flush. There is a small gap that is driving me crazy. I asked two friends who also bought the frame, no gap. I talked with Ventum for a day, said it was normal. It rides fine. It’s a fun and fast ride.

I have no experience with Ventum, but have had three Canyons and the direct to consumer model seems to be lacking for both in the getting parts/bits for the bikes. It is very easy to put bikes online and sell them, but there’s so much around the bikes that seem to be a pain to get. Having to separately buy a garmin mount for a top of the line bike and then pay shipping that costs more than the part instead of just including it seems like a good way to anger your customer base. I have a Giant TCR as well and it came with the garmin mount. Any bike with an odd handlebar should include the mount in my opinion.


Hmm…. That’s weird. When I ordered my NS1, I told them I had a Specialized Power saddle Mirror, with carbon rails. Ventum sent me the appropriate seat post clamp, no charge.

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I’ve not had this experience. My NS1 is a great bike, easily comparable to my S-Works SL6 Tarmac in quality, finish, and performance. If I’ve had nothing but great interactions with Ventum customer service.