Calling the aluminati - frame decision

To cut a very long story short, I’m probably going to be looking at a new frame (possibly a new bike) following warranty issues with my Trek.

I’m going back to aluminium.

Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to 3:

  1. Standert Kreissage RS disc
  2. Bowman Palace 3
  3. Condor Italia RC disc

I love the look of the Standert but it’s a little heavy. It also has a T47 rather than a true threaded bb.

The Bowman is light and sensible money but I’ve heard varying things about their QC.

The Condor is light but I’m rather between sizes.

I’d be very interested to know if anyone has any comparative experiences of these framesets.

Not tried the 3 but I have a Kinesis AT ali gravel bike and the frame is very nice, their Aithein disc looks very nice and tbh when I move from carbon rimmed bike I think I’ll build one.

I got Bowman palace 3 frameset few weeks ago and started building a bike. Quality is not that good if I compare it to my Trek ALR frameset which actually was perfect. There are few imperfactions on the frame, so yes QC by Bowman could be better.
When it comes to weight Bowman is around the same as Standert. My size 54 frame with hanger weights 1358 grams and fork with uncut steerer, a very long one, 399 grams. I decided to choose Bowman over Standert because I didn’t like the external cable routing for mechanical systems by the later and the price was higher. However I was a bit dissapointed by Bowman’s frameset weight as I expected this to be lighter.

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Thanks for this - appreciated.

I would love a Low Mk1, but at >£2000 and with a 9 month wait, that’s a no.

I’ve heard a few too many people complain about QC problems with Bowman to be confident, I think.

In the Condor the 52 is definitely on the small side but the 55 will give me issues with standover, so unless I go down the custom route (which i doubt) that is probably out.

So, Standert is probably favourite. I’ve sent them a couple of Q’s about sizing and stock availability so we’ll see what they come back with.

Can I ask what your measurements were and what size Standert you were looking at?

I am 1,7 m tall with ca 80cm inseam. In case of Standert I was between sizes which didn’t help. I was looking after size 54, which in terms of geometry was very close to Trek Emonda SL in size 54 that I almost bought.