Experience with Ventum NS1?

Anyone have experience with the newest generation of this bike?

$4,200 for an aero road bike with rival axs and clearance for 35c tires feels like a pretty good combo/value


I’m pretty sure these are open mold bikes, so quality and aero is a roll of the dice. That bike isn’t even all that aero - aeroish at best.
Also they claim “silicone EPS double mold process” - this is exactly how 99% of carbon frames and parts are made. I guess they needed impressive sounding things since they didn’t have a wind tunnel, design, or manufacturing photo.

This one? CFR 1056 - Road - Carbonda Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.

Fezzari sells something similar with less BS Veyo – Fezzari Bicycles

Will you ever put 35c tires on the bike? No you won’t, but 34mm as-measured tires might be nice. If you’ve only got one bike

A Trek Madone or Canyon Aeroroad is a bit more expensive, but a better buy. The Madone will take cX tires if you want to do something silly.

If you want to something different, try Cube, Rose, or Orbea.

If you like the paint job and parts collection, while you don’t mind taking a risk… maybe.

Check out the Fezzari Veyo. I have the Empire and it’s a great endurance bike. Good value for the money.

Did you end up trying Ventum out? I’m close to pulling the trigger with 105 di2 and zipp 303 wheels. Seems like a great buy.

No not yet. Still looking at options to trying to narrow them down

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I have ridden both the old and new frames. The old one was pretty bad, but the new one is a significant upgrade compared. I would compare the new NS1 to my SL5 that I had back in the day. I don’t know how much more aero it is, but I’ve liked it so far. Can’t beat the price to be honest.

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Thanks! I’m very likely going to snatch one up very soon. Actually have the wife giving the green light. :joy:

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haha you better hurry and grab it before she changes her mind! :rofl: Let me know your thoughts when you get it!

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I ordered an NS1 frame on clearance early this week, but damn, they are slow at putting a frame into a box and having UPS pick it up.