Trek integrated stem/handlebar recall updates?

Curious if anyone has any news on what is going on? I ordered an Emonda SLR9 p1 last February. It was finally delivered in August 2022 but the stem/bar was part of the recall. When I got the bike with the temporary setup I was told late November 2022 for the bar/stem. That went by and then told January 30, 2023. That passed this week and now I am being told late May 2023.

How ridiculous is this? Wondering if anyone else has made orders and seen the same issue. So far no one can tell me what the delay is. I don’t think I am frustrated for no reason but that bike is serious expensive, everyone has been paid and I feel like there is no sense of urgency to resolve it. I understand I can ride what I have, but it is not what I purchased. I specifically wanted to integrated flat bars.

I have a call with the local rep in the morning.


My LBS got my replacement last week, but I had just asked to modify the size so they were going to see if it was still possible. But apparently it was on the floor in a box right beside me. Im in Canada, FWIW.

Nice! How long were you waiting?

I got my Emonda last April, so since whenever the recall happened. I haven’t seen the new version yet, so not sure how different it looks.

I got my replacement bar last week. I submitted the recalled handlebar in Oct. I am in Ontario Canada fwiw.

Had a Emonda SLR built up from components I had selected. All good stuff. Found out about the bars by ‘accident.’ Took the machine back last November (2022). Still haven’t had the replacement. The latest information I have from Trek and the dealer is that the part should arrive in the UK the first week in June. Not very impressed.

I received my bar last month. It took 9 months from when the bike was delivered to me.