Avoid Ventum: Subpar Product and Support

Online chat support did let me know that the seat clamp is basically a Ritchey clamp, which meant I could get it from my LBS (I never got a reply to the email chain that I had with support).
Did you buy the bike or the frame? I ordered a frame.

The lack of grommets was apparently an omission on my order, the frame is electronic only, they just forgot to put grommets in my order. They sent me some quickly first-class mail.

They’ve somewhat recovered my perception of customer service, however I stand by my statement that they are set-up (operationalized) around selling bikes where the customer will just need to straighten the bars and add pedals. There’s a lack of information, true user manuals, etc. that means you have to go thru assisted channels rather than self-serve.

I’m hoping the bike rides well, it has decent reviews (I have a broken wrist so still waiting to ride it), however the finish and facing around the BB, headset, dropouts on mine were not at the level of a premium brand bike.

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I’d disagree here. Moreover, in my case of purchasing two Canyons, both had the out-front computer mount advertised when purchasing the bike. I added it (along with a few other bits), and didn’t pay anything extra for shipping.

Though I do cringe at Canyon’s shipping costs, I don’t think including a computer mount is the answer :man_shrugging:

This was exactly my experience - I needed a clamp for round rails (had one for oval only), emailed support and they provided the Ritchey part #. Far preferable to other manufacturers who user their own ‘standard’ that’s not widely available.

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I’m feeling pretty, pretty, pretty special now. When I ordered my NS1, I asked about the computer mount. “No problem. We’ll put that on for you.” I had no issues with the finish at all. It’s a beautiful bike, and only about 6 oz. heavier than my S-Works Tarmac SL6, which has rim brakes. I told them when I ordered that I had a S-Works Power Mirror Saddle with carbon rails, and they threw in the clamp, too.

I have no idea of why I might have received different treatment other than Ventum offered and I accepted their concierge treatment in which the bike was delivered full assembled. In fact, they told me that someone had scraped the handlebar in shipping and sent me new bar tape. It was just cosmetic. The one thing I might have done that created all this is that when I called to order, and I had some specific issues (saddle, handlebar mount) that I asked about and they were very agreeable. All the facings were fine… and I checked the BB specifically because I changed out the right side crank arm to put on a PM.

I had a really great experience with them, and the bike has been great. I have over 5k miles on it now (had a bit of a heart problem so didn’t ride it much during the summer) with no issues. Even the tires have been great (although I would have preferred hooked rim wheels… but I haven’t had a problem with mine, so perhaps I was wrong._

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