AT giving workouts that have no outdoor version

My plan was adapted to use Daniel -2 which has no outdoor version. Had to change to Daniel which is 1 level harder, that was the closest option I could find that had an outdoor version. So I either do the significantly harder workout which doesn’t follow AT’s intent or end it early to match the intended -2 version, which would give a failure survey and will matter in the future when AT factors in outdoor workouts.

Bottom line: Seems like all workouts that AT recommends should have an outdoor option.


This is a known issue. TR added LOTS of workouts in order to fill many gaps in workout progression with the addition of Adaptive Training. Some (many?) of those new workouts don’t have outside workout options at this time. TR is aware of it and working to add those. The goal is that every TR workout for use in a training plan will have an outside workout option.

We just have to wait for that to happen. In the meantime, it may be necessary to look for the Alternates option and hopefully find one that had an outside option.