How often outdoor alternatives (not) available? [Resolved ✅]

I am just getting started with TR (SSBLV1). I’d like to do about half my rides outside and was told that there would be outdoor alternatives available for most workouts. However, so far just about all workouts I have checked in my calendar had no outside alternative available. Am I doing something wrong, or is this how it is?

Other than the Ramp Test, all workouts in the plans can be switched to an outside version. It needs to be done on the website, just click the workout on your calendar and select “outside” in the pop up window. It will then sync to your bike computer once you’ve given TR access to (Wahoo, Garmin, etc.)

Tnx for pointing that out. However, it always seems to say ‘There is no outside option’ (in Dutch) when I try that.

I haven’t found any,

Strange that it says that as you are looking at the “outdoor” option in that screen shot. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you have not yet connected your Garmin/Wahoo account with TR? Maybe that is why there is no option to send it to your device. If not, definitely give TR service a call, they will sort you out.

I just looked on the web version, and had no problems with finding the outside version of Ericsson -1.

I’m not sure if this is just an issue with the iOS app, or the Dutch language version?

Interesting, how did you see this is actually the outdoor version? I must say I had the standard plan with all indoor workouts at first, then deleted it because I had this exact issue. Then started the plan again, selecting all workouts outside by default. The screenshot is of the new plan. When I got the same ‘no outside options’ notice, I assumed I got indoor versions again.

I do have my Garmin account connected.

Ericcson -1 definitely has an ‘outside’ option, all of our workouts now should with the exception of the Ramp Test. Please check in with the team at so we can check out what’s amiss. Apologies for the trouble!

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Hi Ivy, tnx! I did just that earlier today. Bryce is looking into it just now.

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Was there an update on this. It’s a pain when they aren’t availble for outdoor workouts.

I have found both gwynt and torre are “greyed out” for outdoor ride. Is there a particular reason for this or just an oversight? If an oversight could someone perhaps reconsile all of them all?

Ivy recently commented on this, some of the newer workouts do not currently have an outdoor version tied to it. They have this issue on the list of items to fix.

I recently just searched other workout similar to what I had till I found a workout that had a outdoor version - it took 3 - 4 min, but yes not perfect.


I do not know about the newer workouts, but got it figured out for my specific case with support quite a while ago. It turned out that it was a language issue.

For some languages within the app settings (Dutch in my case), the outdoor versions weren’t available. They were working on that. I simply switched to English and it was solved. Not sure what the current status of the issue is.

This just happen to me with Venado (see bellow). It is not possible to switch to outside version. I tried to change in the web, in my android app in the phone (English version) and my mac app in the computer (English version).

Lets see what support says abut this.

Alegres does not have outdoor option via iOS app

Thanks for dropping a note about this, unfortunately a handful of the many new workouts do not have 1:1 outside ride equivalents yet, although we are actively working towards it! Thanks for your patience.

Update: After a big push from the team, all workouts except FTP tests and race simulation workouts (like Blue for example, pictured below) now have 1:1 outside workout equivalents!

I’ll go ahead and mark this as ‘resolved’, but let us know if you see anything thats amiss when switching a workout to outside. Thanks for the patience, all!