AT Outdoor Workouts [Outside]

For those currently doing workouts outdoors with AT are you seen adaptations being applied?

I did a VO2max workout, Sleeping Mountain, today, AT offered adaptations but these only applied to those workouts still set as “inside” four and five weeks away, next week’s VO2max workout which I’d set as “outdoor” wasn’t touched.

This might just be an N=1 issue and the next time I might get them applied. Anyone had similar experiences?

Hi bobw - the outside workout in AT are not quite ready - lots of threads on this - you can still do them but they currently will not count towards your AT.

If you have a garmin headunit - they will sometimes work - sometime not

if you have a wahoo headunit - nada at the moment

this is a known issue and is being working but no ETA (that I am aware of)

  • That is not 100% true. I did an outside workout (on a Wahoo Bolt in fact) and got “PL credit” upon completion.

  • For reference, here is the post that shared the major changes to outside workouts:

There are still likely bugs, but we have far more use of them now than the old limits you just mentioned.

Edit to add the official support article for reference as well:


Misunderstanding alert! :grin:

I did Sleeping Mountain outdoors (using a Garmin head unit), in fact I haven’t done a workout indoors for nearly five months. AT is giving me adaptations but it doesn’t seem to apply them to future workouts that are marked as “outdoors”.


I suggest that you email to mention your experience.

I suspect this might be a bug or limitation in AT, where it might be missing changes to those set for “Outside” use. It is something that should work and needs to work considering how you can use that switch during the Plan Builder process, to default workouts to Outside as desired.

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yo yo yo - yeah I did read that wrong - sorry about that - yeah support is the ticket


I see the plan level changing, but no adaptations. I don’t know if I am supposed to see adaptations or not so…

  1. Checking to make sure you used Plan Builder to make your current plan?

  2. Checking to see that you have your workouts set at “inside” at the moment?

    • AFAIK, AT won’t adapt rides on that calendar that are set for “outside” at the moment. Sucks, especially since I seem to remember you are strictly riding outside. I think TR knows and plans to fix this short coming, but might be worth getting confirmation, @IvyAudrain

Ah, ok. They are all outdoors. I did use Plan Builder.

It isn’t a worry. I am just using it until my subscription runs out in a few months then moving on. TR just isn’t for me.

Well that is just awesome. TR are really making a lot of progress knocking down these satellite issues with Adaptive Training implementation. Free the technology! Fantastic.

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Correct! By default, Adaptive Training considers completed Outside Workouts to be successful and adjusts your Progression Levels afterward to reflect the work done, but it wont result in adaptations just yet.

I have also noticed that it just gives me credit for every workout, even if I don’t do a workout.

My new “workflow” is:

Leave everything as indoors.
The day of a workout, I set it to outdoors via the website calendar then let it sync (via Garmin Connect)
Do the workout.
Refresh the calendar.
Ignore any adaptations (basically don’t click on the “pending adaptations” dialog)
Update the survey
Accept the adaptations.


That’s pretty much what I do. Refresh the calendar is dependent on Garmin Connect having the ride uploaded from the head unit, and then it transferring to TR via RideConnect.

When the ridden workout shows on the web calendar I’ve had a few times where I need to associate the outdoor ride with the workout because TR doesn’t always do that automatically. That comes after “refresh the calendar.”

Also works the same way if it is an unstructured workout that you know it pretty close to a TR workout.

I did Kawhea +1 outdoors yesterday and it gave the successful pass as you say, but it did also trigger adaptations after completion of the survey.

I noticed that I marked an outside workout as a failure but still got credit in levels. Reading this thread I now know that is the current normal response from AT.

Slight aside, does anyone else diarise a ‘dummy’ workout and then associate out with a race or unstructured ride, in order to gain credit in levels? I associated Dardanelles with a 25 mile TT last weekend and took my threshold from 6 to 8.4. Would probably struggle to replicate that in training without a number pinned on my back!

I read many threads that it doesn’t always work or only works on plan builder work outs. However this afternoon I added a workout using trainnow chose the recommended one and my progress levels got adjusted.

Looking into this now, there might be an instance where if you schedule a workout to Outside far enough in advance, it wont be able to adapt if your levels change leading up to it. (ie the fix would be waiting until day-of to switch to ‘outside’ so it can still be considered for adaptions, Im trying to confirm with the team though).

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  • That is precisely what we were getting at. We have the work around (as mentioned above by 2 people), but it sure would be ideal if it just did the change to any workout regardless of the scheduled state (in vs out).
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Update from the development team:
If scheduled in advance, it still should receive adaptations, as long as the Outside Workout has Progression info (Training Zone, Workout Level) and is associated with a custom plan.

If you feel as if you should have received an adaptation and didn’t, as always, reach out to so they can take a look!

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