Are some workouts not available as outside versions?

Hi. I’m supposed to train tomorrow Kearsange +1. I know it isn’t ideal to do outside but it’s all I have available

I can’t seem to be able to move it to outside training in the app? Do some not have an outside option

I will be doing this RPE based. If it isn’t an appropriate workout for outside or available, what would be a good alternative. This is my last productive VO2 workout before a week of endurance work

Thanks everyone

This workout is not part of a current TR training plan, and is lacking an outside option at least partly because of that.

They try to make sure all plan workouts have both options. But they added hundreds of new workouts for AT, that not all of those have gotten what I expect they hope to add eventually.

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Thank you Chad. I’ve switched out to another. It will be a challenge outside here. -12 tomorrow