Assigning one completed workout for another in your plan

Hi. Help please.

I started base today and the plan said a ramp test. I did the 8min FTP instead (for consistency with previous test). I’m sure you used to be able to assign a completed work to a ride in your plan. I can t find where to do this so maybe I imagined it!

If there is a way I’d be grateful if someone could point it out. Otherwise I’m left with an uncompleted ramp test…

Cheers and thanks

It should be in the menu for the ride you’ve completed.

Go to your calendar. Click on the 8min test, on the page that pops up will be an option to assign it to a planned workout

Thanks. That’s what I thought but I don’t see assign.


That appears to be your ride summary page. You need to do this in calendar

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With the calendar, it works a bit differently than it did when you had set workouts on set days and you could assign one ride in place of another.
If you look on the calendar, you’ll see for today’s date that you completed the 8-min FTP test and (if you already added the plan to your calendar), you will see a skipped Ramp Test workout.
What I would do is just delete the Ramp Test from the calendar and replace with the 8-min FTP test, and you’re good to go.

If you haven’t done this already, you should go to TrainerRoad career page, select your plan and at the top right “Add to Calendar”, select your starting date… and all of the workouts will populate onto the calendar.
When I change workouts, I simply remove the scheduled one, click on the day and then there are options to search for a new workout to add. Alternatively, you can just search “workouts” from the web browser, and ‘add to calendar’ any workout on any day you wish.

Does that help?

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While this article is referring to assigning an outdoor ride to a planned ride, you can perfom the same action when replacing an indoor ride with a different indoor ride. By following these instructions, you can Assign the 8 MIn Test to the planned Ramp Test :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Many Thanks

Hi. Thanks. In fact there is a different protocol as explained by Bryce in the post below.