Anyone with experience using nutrition app Hexis?

just saw an article about a cyclist, more than 50 years old, who started getting good gains thanks to better nutrition. thanks to this AI based app (Hexis).
Is there anyone here who can backup that story?
In my personal experience, adding the sugar mixing formula to my bottles when more than 3 hours ride, was a big jump… then start using pre-workout supplements (based on creatine) was my second big jump thanks to nutrition .


The article on cycling weekly reads a bit like an ad, the concept seems solid and as we know from the forum people want things to help them with nutrition stuff.

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I totally agree with you… that’s why I am posting here to see non paid user who have tested it have any opinion.


I read the article too, and have since done a bit of research but could not find any users other than the press releases. I thus hesitated signing up as I would like to see a trial which was applicable to me before purchasing. At the moment i will continue with the non-AI, nutrition macro monitoring post consumption with MyFitnessPal :rofl:


Funny, I guess we all get the same content served to us. I bookmarked it too to come back later.

The interesting idea to me that differs from other apps (if I remember right) was Carb periodization and getting the right amount of carbs for the right workout type encompassing before, during, after feeding. Not sure if there was much to it in the article or product though.

well, it is a relatively new app launched in 2019… I remember seen TR as an advertisement in some article, and gave it a try, and I am still here. TR is not the same or better as a personal coach, but at least is something with a structure. There is another study, paid by this company, published on Nutrition & Metabolism… but also reviews on the appstore and google play seems to be positive.
For $44USD I will give it a try for 3 months. I will have a state XC competition in October so will have the time to test it while training.
Who said the cycling was not an expensive sport…

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haha, I was unable to install the app because right now is not available for USA. The good thing is that their support answered very quick my email asking for solutions and they provided a refund. Also they indicate that it may launch in USA by September… too late for me to test it for my competition…

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I just started using it at the weekend. I’m liking the fact that it adjusts the macros i need based on my planned work out schedule for the week and the target macros for each meal eg low carb vs high carb. My goal is to try and lose a few kg in the next quarter without sacrificing my training. Seems there are some small details for improving eg only being able to input round numbers for servings.

Do you know how it knows how many carbs you need to fuel your riding as everyone is different depending on their individual FAT/OX vs Intensity curves?

Hi Everyone, I’m one of the founders of Hexis and would love to answer all your questions. Maybe I could setup a webinar for this community if you are interested? Also we just launched an Intra-Workout Fuelling feature today that does provide carb g/hr recommendations based on workout intensity and duration. Thanks!


Hi Jo_McAleer

How do you like Hexis so far?


It was supposed to be available in USA by September, so far I still not

Hi Marc,

Funny you should ask as I cancelled my subscription last night. The concept is good but there were too many things missing from the app that required time when inputting. For example, the food database is nowhere near that of MyFitnessPal so I found that I was often having to create the food I was eating. Also not being able to put in portions of .5 as it always had to be round numbers. My experience is that they launched the app too early and I also found it expensive for what it is currently offering.



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Hi David,

I installed the app, paid for the annual plan (BF offer) and regret the investment.

No integration with TrainingPeaks or TR doesn’t help. I don’t want the additional step of having to plan my workout that already in a calendar.

Food database it not practical. My Fitnesspal is much better. Can you pull data from that?


I agree. However, I have been putting in the extra effort to log my workouts and food in Hexis, and results are great so far. It’s working nicely to change my habits gradually to ensure that I have energy available when I need it. Admittedly, the usability of the app needs improvement desperately but so far in my anecdotal experience it delivers results.