Anyone out there with a Computrainer?

Just got my hands on a Computrainer. Looking for some tips from someone who has / had one. Thanks.

Regards Peter.

You might want to try the Slowtwitch forum. In the past, lots of people used them, and given that that forum has been around longer, I’m betting you will have more luck.

If your goal is to use it with TR, you will have to use their old legacy app. They no longer support that trainer in the newer apps.

Thanks - I will give there a try.

Nope not really. Just trying to get some info on best uses. I have the Racermate One software working and can use Zwift but do not have any real videos or anything. I know it’s old and I already have a Vr trainer but it does not work with Zwift, which is unfortunate. Didn’t want to drop multiple thousands $$ on a new smart trainer just for Zwift. This is a good solution but trying to find out all of it’s uses.

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I will be glad to help you out with your Computrainer. My CT works well with TR after purchase of some reasonable software to get it to show up as a device.

Feel free to message me.


I have my Computrainer for 20 years and about 150.000Km. The quality is outstanding! I think a big challenge voor Kickr an Taxc to realise that!

Last week I have started with Trainerroad (you need to use the legacy app). It’s working very well.

There is a piece of software that act between de CT and modern software (Trainerroad, Swift, Sufferfest etc). This software makes it possible to use these modern apps with Computrainer. See: I have tested it, but in my case it did not work. I have send them two times an email for support, but they did not give an answer.

Hey Bear - I didn’t have too much of an issue getting it to work with Racermate One. I downloaded a driver and my Win10 machine seemed to find the trainer fine. I have the little cadence puck but it doesn’t seem to work. I have it working with Zwift but it doesn’t seem to be able to be controlled by the Zwift software meaning it adjusts speed on the Zwift app instead of adjusting the resistance on my CT. Does Trainer Road actually control the CT or is it similar to Zwift? Thanks for any tips.

Regards Peter.

stillekracht - thanks for the response. I purchased a used CT from the local cycling club because they are upgrading their trainers. As I said earlier I was just trying to get into some web cycling because I need the scheduled rides with others to keep me motivated. My current driver seems to find my trainer on Zwift, so it may work with Trainerroad as well. I notice there is no trial period but you can get your money back within 30 days if not satisfied. Thoughts?

Regards Peter.

CT works fine with Zwift on a PC; you need the stereo EXT PC cable and the stereo jack to USB adapter. something like this:

it will show up on the pairing screen for power and controllable as a COM port.
you can’t Calibrate the CT with Zwift. you have ride for around 10+ min to warmup in or out of Zwift; if in Zwift, put out the cable; spin up, set; plug back in and go back to the pairing screen.
your avatar will stop wherever you’re at while you do this.

Thanks - Zwift finds the trainer fine as a COM3 port and Racermate One works as well. I already have that dongle. The calibration seems to work through Zwift or just on the controller. Zwift does not seem to control the trainer though. I mean, when I go up a steep grade it doesn’t seem to get harder, it just gets slower on the computer screen. I’m not sure if this is just how Zwift works with my CT or if there is something I can do to have it control the resistance? Do you have any thoughts on that?

Cheers Peter.
PS - I have only done one ride and no rides in Racermate One software. I wouldn’t mind finding some real videos somewhere as well. I assume the Racermate One software will be very close to my old Tacx VR software, which I really enjoyed. The Tacx would not work with Zwift, which is the reason I went with this old CT.

I use software PerfPro CT Smart to enable TrainerRoad to see my CompuTrainer’s power and cadence. It works very well and I haven’t had any issues with it.

My procedure is

  1. Calibrate CompuTrainer with RaceMate software for 10 mins. However, lately I have cut that down to 3 minutes because I know if the calibration is accurate.
  2. Shut down racemate and launch PerfPro CT Smart
  3. Launch TrainerRoad

This allows the CompuTrainer to work almost flawlessly with TrainerRoad.

Oh, before I forget, I need to mention the cables I have to get this to work. I have

  1. FDDI USB cable to connect CompuTrainer
  2. Two Bluetooth USBs. I used the Anself brand
  3. I have a USB extender for one of the Bluetooth cables. Not sure if this was necessary