Trial Referral code

I am trying to decide whether to spend the winter training with TR or Zwift. I usually just train outside, so this is all new to me. Could anyone send me a month trial referral code please.
Many thanks

Here you go, enjoy!

Cheers Joey. That’s great. On it tomorrow!
Have you any opinion yourself , which is best?

For structure and getting faster I prefer Trainer Road. The team behind it are 100% serious about it. Check out their podcast if you haven’t yet, some awesome info and a great bunch of people.

For fun I race on Zwift once or twice a week. I’ve tried Zwifts 4 week FTP builder before, but felt it lacked structure and didn’t really get much out of it.

Good advice! I’m looking forward to giving it a blast for a few weeks. I’ve already got a few goals targeted for next year and definitely need to build my FTP.

Just tried to take up the trial and its already been redeemed. Are you able to send it again please? Thanks

Trainer Road will definitely get you faster if you stick with it. Spicing it up with a Zwift race here and there is nice too, just remember not to over do it and allow for recovery

Just sent you a DM