TR+ZWIFT for the Win

This is REALLY fun. Doing a custom TR workout I sub’ed in for today’s Adaptive Training workout. A 2 hour 3-man pull/draft emulation (2 mins @ 95%, 4 mins @ 65%). Two buddies joined me in a TR Group ride. I didn’t have a camera - but I’m getting one. I concurrently ran Zwift paired to my sensors, for the visuals of climbing Alp du Zwift. For me, at least, that adds a nice semi-realism to the ride.

Two things…

  • My internet dropped out for a few seconds twice, and both TR and Zwift didn’t skip a beat as I quickly disconnected and reconnected. NICE.

  • One guy displayed % FTP rather than actual watts, and I can’t find the setting to change mine to %FTP.



I use the same setup, without group workouts. TrainerRoad running on my Android tablet controls the turbo (ERG mode) and Zwift is paired to receive power, HR and cadence (no controllable). I do all my TR workouts this way, happily racking up the XP and drops on Zwift, so I can get the Zipp Super-9 disc wheel that I can’t afford in real life! :smiley: :smiley:


Nice ultrawide display lol

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That is literally my idea - disc wheels sound too cool

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Disc wheels on the super expensive Zwift safety bike is a nice combo.


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