Is there any Velotron direct control option?

I have an old Velotron that I would like to set up as a second trainer to use with TR. I’ve spent more than a few hours researching this over the past week and have only found an option for Computrainer using PerfProCT bridging software. I read a discussion about 10 yrs old on Slow Twitch and discovered that the code from Velotron is significantly more complex than Computrainer and PerfPro decided the Velotron market wasn’t worth the extra effort. I reached out to Drew at PerfPro but haven’t heard back from him - not promising. I’ve also reached out to SRAM to see if there are any plans for a dongle that would work with TR / Zwift / others but thinking that’s a lost cause as well.
It’s really a sad situation. Velotron’s are robust and amazing trainers that deserve a dongle / resistance unit update to bring them up to this century of trainers.
One option I’ve considered is to get the trainer working with RacerMate, set up a flat course and just put power pedals on it to communicate with TR shifting gears up and down as needed for resistance. Or if there truly is no modern future for it just sell it for what I can get for it and move on.
Thanks for any help!