Anyone else having issues with "saved" calendar activities disappearing?

I have noted this to support before, and was convinced I didn’t something wrong, but it continues to happen, about 50% of the time.

When creating a manual / other activity, I go through all the fields/pull downs, hit save. I see it populated in the calendar. I step away, refresh and it is gone.

Happens on both on PC laptop and mobile device.

Am I potentially doing something wrong? It is odd that I SEE it in the calendar view, and then it disappears.

Hey @llmonty,

This is not a bug that we’ve seen before, I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing. It looks like you have an open ticket with one of our Customer Support Leads, Corey Croasdell, so he will be reaching out to you in that email thread to help look into this.

You can expect an email shortly.

This is really weird. I’m experiencing a similar issue. It disappears from the calendar but it’s not completely gone. Check this out.
I added a manual workout. Upon saving the workout it shows up in the calendar just like in any other activity. I refresh the page and it disappears from the calendar. However, not completely. If I click on one of the other workouts from that Thursday, the popup window shows it, kind of.
I should say that I keep getting varying results. The weekly popup window of activities was listing Thursday twice and it was listed under the second Thursday, but not showing up on the calendar. Now I can’t get the weekly list of activities popup window to popup when clicking on the green TSS bar for this week at the top of the calendar page. Now it seems to be automatically “associating” the manual activity with the “Saw Torey” activity and kind of combining them. Too close in time of day? Because if I click on ‘morning ride’ there is no association. Not sure what is going on but here are some pics.

This is how it currently shows up. You can see the manually entered activity Lucy Lucy is listed as “Associated with:”

But. It has also showed up like this:
You can see April the 15th (Thursday) has “Saw Torey” and another ride above it. Then a second “Thursday” listed after Friday with the Lucy activity.

This is after initially entering the activity manually. Populates the calendar appropriately.

This is after refreshing the page. It’s just gone and winds up as an associated ride.

I just edited the time of day for the manual activity Lucy Lucy to set the start time further away from the Saw Torey ride thinking it might disassociate them and upon saving it this is what I got:

Just confused. Currently says processing activity but the TSS is not being accounted for… yet. Any idea what is going on?

Definitely get in touch with about this. Sorry for the trouble!

I think you can manually un-associate the workout and it will then be visible on the calendar.


Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. Though I thought I tried and couldn’t find any box to click to separate them. Will repost back. Thanks.

It doesn’t work. Seems like you can associate the ride but you can’t un-associate a ride. Or at least not in this case. So odd because the ride shows up as normal but once I refresh the page it dissappears and becomes an associated ride even though they take place hours apart and do not overlap at all. I added another ride manually (xert) and it automatically associated with the other ride I did that day. I might only be once I check the box ‘this workout was completed’ it tries to associate it.

Click on “mark as unplanned ride”

Once I click that the page kinda crashes and says “Oops. We have a problem.”

Ah. That’s a bug for Good luck! (Maybe try with OS or Android app also. Maybe it’s just web that crashes.)


AGREED. Sorry for the trouble, please reach out to the team!

I get the same issue doing it on the web, works fine if I do it in the IOS app