Every duplicate activity I have deleted are back

So today, all the activities that were duplicate (from Strava) that I deleted in the TR calendar are back. I can delete them again but when I refresh the page they are back again. I think TR has a problem!

Just to understand you better, may I ask why are you observing duplicates in the first place? Do you sync using different devices?

I’m seeing the same problem. Trying to delete a ride from the calendar but it keeps reappearing.

What does that matter?

I’d suggest and email to support@trainerroad.com so they can we review the issue.

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I’ve emailed them earlier.

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Garmin Head unit and cycling on Zwift. Garmin uploads and Zwift uploads both to Strava.

same here, i have already an ticket open for this problem!

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We got a few reports of this and are tracking the issue. Thanks to all that have touched base with the support team (support@trainerroad.com) to help us get it resolved!

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